Poll: Greatest SNL cast member ever (1990-1994)

A poll by yrnej

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A Japanese company called Funai Electric, the last to produce videocassette recorders aka VCR, definitely ceased in July 2016, after more than thirty years of activity, so you better keep your old VCR if you still own VHS tapes. Indeed, there was a time when this rectangular device swallowed by good old VCR reigned supreme before the internet contributed to its decline. VHS were still useful though until DVD, Blu-Ray and streaming programs put the final nail on the coffin. And even though more than a decade has passed since VHS tapes have been relegated to prehistoric times, it's fair to assume that most IMDb users have grown up with them or have vague memories about them. No doubt that you have a big DVD collection, but, just between us, do you still own your old VHS tapes? Disc..uss here

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