Poll: Leo Directors

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Directors' Perfect Resumes

These still active directors always seem to be at the top of their game, their lesser movies have better ratings than some directors' best works and they're so used to getting favorable reviews it's almost boring. Which of these eminent directors would you say comes the closest to having a perfect resume? After voting, you may discuss the list here

Directors Who Get Existential

These directors have touched on existential themes in a deep way in several of their films, giving interesting results that lead to intense reflections. Which of these directors has made you reflect the most on your life with their existentialist films? Discuss here

America's National Director

According to Wikipedia, a national poet "is a poet held by tradition and popular acclaim to represent the identity, beliefs and principles of a particular national culture [and writes] poetry that closely identifies with the nation's cause – or is thought to do so." Which director most deserves to be called the cinematic equivalent of a national poet for the United States? (Don't necessarily vote for your favorite director or the one you think is the most talented) Discuss here

Most Visionary Science-Fiction Director?

These directors are notable for making some of the most popular and influential science-fiction films. Which one of these directors do you think is the greatest visionary when it comes to directing science-fiction films? Discuss here.

Which Kind of Director Would You Be?

If you were a director, which kinds of movies would you direct? (If you know the directors work, it isn't necessary to read the text.) Tell us here.

Oscars 2018 — Best Achievement in Directing

Which of the nominees of the Oscars 2018 for Best Achievement in Directing do you think should win? After voting, you may discuss the poll here. Take Other 2018 Oscar Polls

Last Film, Last Directing Masterpiece

Which of these directors who received an Oscar Nomination for Best Director for their last film deserved it the most? Discuss here

And the Nobel Prize Goes to... (IMDb Poll Board)

The Nobel Prize is an award bestowed to people who distinguished themselves in Literature, Chemistry, Physics, Physiology or Medicine, and Peace. Based on nominations by the IMDb Poll Board, which of these living directors would you give a Nobel Prize for Film? Discuss here

Best Director Never Nominated for ''Best Director'' Oscar

The job of a Director is the most integral part of a motion picture. Many directors never get the spotlight they deserve and, in some cases, they don't get rewarded adequately by the Academy of Motion picture arts and Sciences(AMPAS) popularly known as Oscars. Who do you think is the best director who has never been nominated for a Best Director Oscar? Discuss here

David Fincher vs. Christopher Nolan

If you wrote an original screenplay that captured the interest of these two very talented film directors, which one would you choose to bring your story to the big screen? Discuss your director choice here

Best XXI Century Directors

Recently BBC Culture unveiled a list of the 100 best films of the XXI Century. To compile it, BBC asked critics from all around the world to pick their 10 favorite films since 2000. Those with the most points made it to the list. In the ecclectic list, there are a few directors who managed to have at least two films on the list. Out of these directors with multiple mentions, who has the best films in the BBC list? Poll by Pencho15 Discuss the poll here

Favorite Director Born 1970 or Later

From this list of directors with two or more films who is your favorite? After voting, please discuss here.

Golden Globes 2018 — Best Director - Motion Picture

Which of the nominees of the 2018 Golden Globes Award for Best Director - Motion Picture do you think should win? After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

Face-Off: The Great 4

Taking IMDb TOP 250 into consideration, these are the most successful directors with 7 movies in the list. Only these 4 directors make up 11.20% of the greatest movies ever made according to IMDb. Given that the feature film history dates back to 112 years since The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906), these directors have offered us some of the best movies ever, entering the long history of the film. Which director among this list do you think is the greatest? After voting, discuss here.

Favorite Audrey Hepburn Character

Who is your favorite character that Audrey Hepburn has portrayed? Discuss the list here!

And the Most Overrated Director of All Time is...

The movie world has many film directors who receive countless praises from peer, critics and fans. Many are considered untouchable and are the subject of various commendations from those who critique the profession, whilst others have fiercely defensive fans who are quick to defend their favorite directors. Though no one is denying the following movie-makers are talented, they are considered by some to be given far more praise than they deserve. Which of the following directors (nominated by IMDB’s poll board members) do you find to be the most overrated? Discuss the list here

Imdb Top 250 Directors

This list contains those directors who have 4 or more films in Imdb Top 250. Which one of these excellent directors is your favorite ? Discuss Here

Saturn Award Winning Directors

The Saturn Awards were set up to honor genre films, especially Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Action. Which of these filmmakers who managed to win the Best Director Award is your favorite? Discuss here

This director deserves a theme park!

Regarding all these filmmakers' bodies of work, which one most deserves a theme park built around his movies or more generally, his cinematic universe? Some descriptions of the possible attractions to be featured in these parks are available, thanks to everyone for these much clever suggestions! Discuss at http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/thread/221161814

MTV's Best New Filmmaker Award

From 1992 to 2002, MTV gave a movie award for the best new filmmaker. Who's career has most lived up to that early seen potential? Discuss here.