Poll: Best Director, Oscars 2015

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Directors' Perfect Resumes

These still active directors always seem to be at the top of their game, their lesser movies have better ratings than some directors' best works and they're so used to getting favorable reviews it's almost boring. Which of these eminent directors would you say comes the closest to having a perfect resume? After voting, you may discuss the list here

All Fresh Directors

All of the movies that these directors have directed are rated fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Which of these directors is your favorite? Minimum of 4 movies. Correct as of 03/09/15. Discuss it here. Vote in the All Rotten Directors poll here

Which Duo-Director Collaboration Would You Want To See Most?

Which of these combinations of directors do you think would make the best movie together? They would share the screenplay and direction, and blend in their own signature touch. (I've only included filmmakers that have the most easily comparable directing styles, themes, or genres) Discuss the list here

Greatest Five Movie Streak by a Director

It's difficult enough to make one great movie, so to make five in a row is an amazing achievement. Which of these five movie streaks from a director is the greatest achievement? Discuss it here

Film Directors Pose

Which of these renowned contemporary directors can strike the coolest "director-pose" next to a movie camera? Discuss your favorite auteur HERE...Action!

Los Tres Amigos

Three very talented auteurs from Mexico, dubbed "The Three Amigos". Their film work has consistently earned them critical acclaim and box office success worldwide. Whose directorial work do you enjoy the most? Comentar aqui (Discuss here)

Fantasy Producers League

The Fantasy Producers League is like a fantasy sports league. The producer selects a genre, director, screenwriter, leading actor and leading actress. A director, screenwriter, leading actor and leading actress may only be selected once on a first-come basis. Genres may be selected multiple times. Which of these production teams interest you the most? After voting, discuss and/or suggest additional teams here.

Oscars 2016: Best Achievement in Directing

Which of the 2016 Academy Awards nominees for Best Achievement in Directing do you think should win? Discuss Here

Scandinavian Filmmakers

From this list of film directors from a Scandinavian/Nordic country (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland & the Faroe Islands), who is the best? Discuss/Suggest Here!

Multiple Oscar Winning Directors

All of these directors have won the Oscar for Best Director more than once, with Frank Capra and William Wyler winning thrice and John Ford winning four times. Out of these legendary directors, whose films do you enjoy the most? Discuss this here.

68th BAFTA Awards 2015: Best Director

Who do you believe will win the award for Best Director at 68th BAFTA Awards 2015 ? Discuss here

Golden Globes 2016: Best Director

Which director should win the Golden Globe award for Best Director at the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards 2016? Discuss it here

Oscars 2016: Favorite Winner

Which of the winners at the 2016 Oscar were you most happy about? After voting, you may discuss the poll here. Oscars 2015 << Favorite Winner >> Oscars 2017

Biggest Surprise of the 2015 Oscars Nominations?

Which do you think was the biggest surprise of the 2015 Oscar nominations? Discuss this poll at http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/flat/239082419?p=1 Poll by Pencho15

Directors' triple sets of Best Picture nominees...

... from the last 10 years (2006-2015) Which one is your favorite? Discuss here

And the Most Overrated Director of All Time is...

The movie world has many film directors who receive countless praises from peer, critics and fans. Many are considered untouchable and are the subject of various commendations from those who critique the profession, whilst others have fiercely defensive fans who are quick to defend their favorite directors. Though no one is denying the following movie-makers are talented, they are considered by some to be given far more praise than they deserve. Which of the following directors (nominated by IMDB’s poll board members) do you find to be the most overrated? Discuss the list here

BAFTA Awards 2016: Best Director

Who should win the BAFTA award for Best Director at the BAFTA Awards 2016? Discuss the list here

Which Golden Globe winner do you think is the most likely for an Oscar?

All of these people won Golden Globes at the 2015 ceremony, which do you think is most likely to win the EQUIVALENT AWARD come the Oscar ceremony? Discuss Here

Most Deserving Winner of at Least 3 Oscars in a Single Year

Which performance of these winners of at least 3 Oscars in a single year do you think is the most deserving? Discuss the list here

Oscars Face-Off: Director - Ford vs. Mankiewicz vs. Iñárritu

Which consecutive Best Oscar winning Director is your favorite: Ford or Mankiewicz or Iñárritu? Discuss the topic here.