Poll: Your Least Favorite Movie of the IMDb Top 51 to 75

A poll by Breumaster

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IMDb allows production companies and distributors for films to add special graphics and other features to the title page for their films. Which of these special US IMDb film title pages is your favorite? After voting, please discuss here. * List accurate as of December 17, 2017. ** These special film title pages may not be available outside the US. *** A Slide Show and static images are included for each film for users who cannot see the special version of the title page.

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Most Family Friendly of the Horror Comedy Genre

In the bonus material to my copy of The Ghost Breakers (1940), screenwriter Larry Karaszewski said that while he and Scott Alexander were writing the screenplay for Goosebumps (2015), they wanted to write a family friendly horror comedy hybrid. They had looked for a movie with the right balance to use as their inspiration, and to get it right. He said that he was surprised how few they were, and that they had to go back to the Abbott and Costello films and others. (The ones he mentioned by name are marked by an *. The Abbott and Costello films are marked by **.) Using that as a starting point, and no “R” rated films on this list, and “PG13” is borderline, which of these films from the horror comedy genre is the most family friendly, or, in other words, would you show a 5 yr old without scaring him half to death? If you got one to suggest that is not “R” rated or worse, but is horror comedy genre that is family friendly, (check the keywords), offer them here for consideration.

Best Year of the 10s

Which year of the decade had the best movies? Each year is represented by its best rated movies on IMDb. You may discuss here

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Colorful Movie Posters

Some action movie posters just love to mix blue and orange. A black-and-white poster with a touch of red is a thriller's darling, the reverse effect is nicely played for horror flicks, not to mention the obligatory red dress in white background for rom-coms. And when it comes to using one color only, indies often turn yellow while, depending on the genre, some take the 'minimalist' option with green or pink. But not all movie posters have predominant color(s), some of them seem to have used up all the¨Pantone Color" chart and looking at these posters from the last 10 years almost feels like a trip over the rainbow. Sorry for hurting your eyes, there's absolutely nothing wrong with your vision or your computer. Now, more seriously: Which of these recent colorful movie posters looks the best in your opinion? After voting, you may discuss the list here

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Best Movie That Scores an A+ With Audiences?

A word of mouth recommendation or condemnation for a film is worth ten critic reviews to most moviegoers. Based on that principle, Cinemascore was born and Hollywood has listened closely ever since. The entertainment market research company surveys moviegoers at major movie releases every opening night. Their polls condense movie related ratings and demographic information into a single distinctive CinemaScore grade measuring a movies' appeal among theater audiences. A coveted "A+" from Cinemascore score from opening night theater audiences is a rare occurrence. "A+" scores mean strong word of mouth business, repeated viewings and are the best industry guarantee of box office success. Since 1982, about ninety films have received the top mark averaging to about two movies per year. Cinemascore A+ Rated Movie List Which of these select films that scores a rare A+ Cinemascore with movie theater audiences would you grade top of its class? Take the companion poll: Best Movie That Earns an F From Audiences? Discuss the topic here.

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IMDb Top 250 Animated Film

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Odd Genre Pairings

These combinations of 2 genres aren't very exploited by the current studio system. Which one do you think should get more attention? Rule: Less than 150 movies by genre combination, but more than 0 Note: Film-Noir, Game-Show, News, Reality-TV, and Talk-Show are excluded. Discussion here

Pixar — Oscar Nominated Films

Pixar Animation Studios is an American computer animation studio known for its critically and commercially successful computer-animated feature films. It is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios owned by The Walt Disney Company. Pixar began in 1979 as part of the Lucasfilm computer division, known as the Graphics Group, before its spin-off as a corporation in 1986, with funding from Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who became its majority shareholder. Pixar has produced 24 feature films, beginning with Toy Story (1995), which is the first fully computer-animated feature film; its most recent film was Luca (2021). 15 of Pixar's films are in the 50 highest-grossing animated films of all time. The studio has earned 23 Academy Awards, 10 Golden Globe Awards, and 11 Grammy Awards, along with numerous other awards and acknowledgments. Which is your favorite Pixar title nominated for an Academy Award? Source: Wikipedia. Join the Discussion Here in the IMDb Poll Community Forum

IMDb Top 250 Movies With Multiple Directors

Which of these movies from the IMDb Top 250 list directed by two or more directors is your favorite? Discuss here

Not Scary Ghost Stories - Which Is Your Favorite?

Instead of a list of scary ghost stories for Halloween, how about a list of ghost stories that were never meant to scare? Or may have some scary moments in them but that the main object of the film was not meant to be scary? Maybe just play around with the ghost and spirits theme a bit. Here is a list of films that were mostly comedies, some romantic, mystery, and even a musical. And true, most of them are in black and white, and are comedies but that goes to show that this concept existed before Beetlejuice (1988) and Ghostbusters (1984) and done with comedians like Bob Hope, ‘Abbott and Costello’, ‘Martian and Lewis’, Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson, and even Cary Grant who could get more laugh per minute than Micheal Keaton with special effects. Which one is your favorite? If you got any to suggest for this list, investigate this haunted mansion. (Most of the films have that or a castle. Just plain suburban haunted houses, hospitals, and insane asylums are in the minority here.)

Highest Rated Movies of the 2010s

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