Poll: Ten Movie Characters' Incomprehensible Mistakes

*** MAJOR SPOILERS !!! *** We all make mistakes, don't we? Indeed, it is a common trope to have a movie character making the one mistake that ultimately causes or accelerates his downfall. In One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975): SPOILER: McMurphy never leaves the institution when he has countless opportunities, in Sunset Blvd. (1950), SPOILER: Joe comes back to Norma, in Heat (1995), SPOILER: Neil needs to kill Waingro instead of fleeing, in Scarface (1983), SPOILER: Tony Montana refuses the banker's rates, and precipitates his downfall by making an enemy out of Sosa etc. But these are not the tragic mistakes this poll is about -- those with a 'good' reason to happen. The following list contains ten really bad mistakes... made under circumstances where the character could really think twice before making the choice. These ten moves were so badly thought, so ridiculously doomed to fail or so dangerously stupid that even the fans of the movies have a hard time justifying them. Now, since nothing is really irrational, the main justification for these mistakes can always be found: ego, hubris, overestimating the enemy's stupidity, or, from a screenwriter's perspective, the fact that there would be no story otherwise. But seriously, which of these ten mistakes do you find the hardest to accept, no matter how good the film is? You may discuss the list here


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