Poll: Super Hero TV

A poll by Rafael_M

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Don’t Worry, Batman, Gotham Is Safe In The Hands Of The Birds Of Prey

To make this complicated story short, back in the 1960 and 1970’s, DC Comics ran multiple Comicbook universes. One was an alternate universe called Earth 2. The original “Birds of Prey” was set in New Gotham on Earth 2. It had the original form of the Huntress (Helena Kyle, daughter of Batman and cat woman) which was different from the one that exists today (Helena Bertinelli, the surviving member of a murdered mafia family). The DC ran a series called “The Crisis of Infinite Earths” which wiped out the Earth 2 and the original Birds of Prey. Now comes 2003 where Warner Bros. is releasing live action tv versions of DC comics including Birds of Prey (2002) again set in New Gotham on Earth 2 (included a new character, Dinah Lance, daughter of the Black Canary, Caroline Lance in this series, and a very evil Harley Quinn with a super power - devil eyes), and ran the Crisis of Infinite Earths to wipe them out again. Now comes the movie version with an almost completely different set of superheroes with the more heroic version of Harley Quinn called, Birds of Prey (2020), but it doesn’t say on which earth it is set on; even though, Margot Robbie’s interpretation of Harley Quinn is associated with Ben Affleck’s version of Batman. Now that the long part is over, what if the earth2 characters were able to cross over and were trapped on this earth? Which one would you include in a 7 member team of The Birds Of Prey? If you got any other candidates to join the team, nominate them here. They have to be comic book characters that I can find a picture of on the IMDB, and preferably DC characters who are residents of Gotham or metropolis. Oh remember, the setting is Batman is missing and someone has to step up to protect Gotham.

Past Golden Globe Nominated TV Series in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

What do you feel was the best TV series that had a Golden Globe nomination in any category in Sci-Fi or Fantasy to date? Note: Includes releases up until the 2020 Golden Globes. After voting, please discuss here.

Most Dangerous Virus

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The Miracle of Hanukkah (TV version)

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Stranger Things in School

What is your favorite TV series where someone in School has a special ability? After making your vote, please tell us all about your pick or your most "Stranger Thing" in School moment here.

Favorite DC Branded Live-Action TV Series

Which live-action episodic TV series* that features DC characters managed by DC Entertainment is your favorite, so far? * includes broadcast, cable, streaming and web series Warner Brother's subsidiary, DC Entertainment and it's units: DC Films, DC Television, DC Animation, DC Comics and DC Portfolio are part of the juggernaut responsible for creating new projects and managing the existing DC comics TV series portfolio. Green Lantern (????), Painkiller (????) and Strange Adventures (????) are the next generation of DC Television TV series that are currently filming or in-development. The shows will hopefully be a part of a legacy of existing live-action DC Entertainment TV character series that have been popular, legendary and iconic over the years. Vote in the companion poll: Favorite Live-Action Marvel Entertainment TV Series Discuss the topic here.

Coolest DC Superheroes/Supervillains name?

Which of these DC superheroes/supervillains name do you think is the coolest? Vote Marvel part here. Discuss their cooling effects here.

The Number 1 TV Show of the 21st Century

What is your top TV show of the 21st century? Suggestions are welcome and will be considered, as I'm looking to add more shows that people enjoy on to this list. The show must have started in between 2000-2014, and either be over or airing currently. Discuss Here

I Believe I Can Fly...

Which of this able-to-fly* character is your favorite? *no wings, no machine or external equipment to help able-to-flying. It have to be their origin ability to be able to fly. Discuss their ability here

Favorite Non-Marvel/DC Superhero TV Show

What is your favorite superhero TV show that is not Marvel or DC? • Note: Only series and miniseries with at least 10,000 ratings are considered. Discuss here

DC Television Series

Of the live-action television series that are based on DC Comics, which one is your favorite? Vote for the Marvel Television Series here Discuss the DC Television Series here

Forbes Best Superhero TV Shows

According to Forbes Magazine, these are the 35 best superhero TV shows of all time. Which show do you consider to be the best? After voting, discuss here.

Favorite TV sidekick?

Favorite TV sidekick? Not all of these are sidekicks in the true sense, but I'm including them anyway. Discuss here.