Poll: That's a Record!

A poll by yrnej

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All these science fiction characters are performed with unforgettable unique character depiction by the actors. You couldn't replace them by other actors, because the character wouldn't be accepted by the audience like the original afterwards. They all established a new standard for comparing characters in future science fiction productions. Which of them is the most unforgettable? Tell us here.

I Am ...

The formal way of introduction goes like I am X. Here are some of the best movie quotes where characters introduce themselves with I am, but the manner of the introduction has an everlasting impact, and it represents the character's aura. Which of these "I am" quotes do you find the most powerful? Discuss the poll here

The Time Traveler

With the release of Deadpool 2 (2018) in May, we will be introduced to another time traveler named Cable. Now, in honor of the release, which character(s) below is your favorite time traveler? I will not include characters that have time traveled in a one off episode or movie. The character's main story has to focus on traveling to another time. Discuss Here

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Seemingly "Unbreakable" Oscar Records

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