Poll: Live-Action Disney Remakes

A poll by KhaledKalache

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Most Anticipated Movie of 2019

2019 promises big things in terms of movies. We are about to see legendary franchises returning to the silver screen, as well as new live action remakes of Disney classics. Comic-book fans will not be disappointed either, with a lot of superhero movies on board. So which movie are you looking forward to see in 2019? After voting, you may discuss here.

Honest Movie Titles (2019 Edition)

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Most Unnecessary Remake/Reboot or Sequel of 2019

Which of these remakes, reboots or sequels do you think is the most unnecessary? Discuss the list here!

The Box Office 2019

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What To Name Your Dragon?

If I had a pet Dragon, I would name it... Discuss here

Best Disney Intro Song

Which of these intro songs in animated Disney movies is your favorite? Discuss the list here!

Movies That Were Worse Than Expected: 2019

Which of these movies of the year 2019 disappointed you the most? • Note: Only popular movies with an IMDb rating of 6.5 or below and with a Metascore of 60 or below are added. Discuss here

Most Anticipated Film of Spring 2019

Which film are you most looking forward to seeing during the Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) of 2019 (March 20, 2019 to June 21, 2019)? After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

Movies in the Era of St. Patrick

What is your favorite movie filmed about the happenings in the 5th through 7th centuries? Note: Several published articles cannot pin down the exact time frame of the life of Saint Patrick, but it is believed that he was alive sometime in either of these 3 centuries. After voting, please discuss here.

Movies at 75 in 2016

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Oscar-Nominated Animated Movies for Best Score

Which of these Oscar-nominated animated movies for Best Original Score has the best score? Discuss here

Best Live-Action Re-Imagined Disney Animated Classic?

Which live-action Disney movie is the best re-imagination* of a hand-drawn Disney animated classic movie or short? *Answer pool includes remakes, sequels, prequels, spin-offs or alternative POV movies. Cast your vote here or Discuss the topic here.

35 Oldest Animated Features

Which of these 35 oldest animated movies with at least 5,000 votes is your favorite? If you haven't seen any, then which one would you most like to discover? After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

Most Anticipated Disney Movie of 2019

Which of these upcoming 2019 Disney films are you most excited to see? 2018 Disney Films <<< Also Vote On After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

Most Anticipated Remake or Reboot of 2019

In an age where the remake and reboot dominate today's film industry, let's take a look at what 2019 has in store for us in that department. What is your most anticipated remake or reboot of 2019? After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

Favorite 'The __ in the __' Title?

Which **TITLE** of a movie in the form of 'The [insert word] in the [insert word]' sounds the most appealing to you? Ignore your opinions of the films themselves. Also vote for your favorite: 'The __ and the __' Title | 'A __ in the __' Title | 'The __ of the __' Title After voting, you can discuss here

Best Film About the Arthurian Legend

Guy Ritchie's King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017) is not the first movie about the legendary British leader who, according to medieval histories and romances, led the defence of Britain against Saxon invaders in the late 5th and early 6th centuries AD. King Arthur, Camelot, the wizard Merlin, Lancelot, Arthur's wife Guinevere, the sword Excalibur, the Knights of the Round Table, these are some of the ingredients of the popular legend. What is your favorite film about the Arthurian Legend? Discuss the list here

Face-Off: 'Dumbo' vs. 'Dumbo'

Which Dumbo do you prefer, the original animated or the live action remake? Discuss the list here!

Favorite Michael Keaton Film

When you associate the name Keaton with the movies, the name 'Buster' might be the first to spring to mind, maybe followed by a certain 'Diane', but let's not underestimate the strange but fascinating appeal of Michael Keaton. With a face that always seems ready for a quip and eyes that could do the smiling even in serious moments, Michael Keaton played many various roles that made him a very hard-to-define actor. He could play eccentric and slightly disturbed characters, cool and workaholic blue-collar types of guys, leaders as well as loners -he could even be Batman!- so there might be one word that can describe him perfectly: he was unpredictable. This poll is a tribute to his unpredictability and naturally, his talent. It features his highest-rated live-action movies (no voice roles) all rated higher than 5.9 as of July 2019. Which of these Michael Keaton films is your personal favorite? After voting, you might discuss the list here

Favorite Colin Farrell Movie

Which of these movies with Colin Farrell is your favorite? Discuss here