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Best Method Actor

Who Do You Consider To Be The Best Method Actor of All Time?? Method Acting is a term you've probably heard more and more frequently in recent years. There is a certain mysticism to it that conjures up images of actors going to bizarre lengths in pursuit of realistic performances. We're going to vote for actors who gave us a truly believable performance. Wikipedia defines Method acting as a range of training and rehearsal techniques that seek to encourage sincere and emotionally expressive performances, as formulated by many different theatre practitioners. Here are some well-known Method Actors who went to such extraordinary lengths to get in a character that their performance has pushed the boundaries of the bizarre. Which actor's performance do you think has touched the bottom of your heart? Discuss here

Cast a Lead Actor

You are the casting director for a future romantic-comedy action film. Which of these popular actors would you choose for the male lead? See also: Cast a Lead Actress Discuss here.

Favorite Steven Spielberg Movie Poster

Which of these Steven Spielberg movie posters is your favorite? Discuss here

Female Characters with Motorcycles

Which of these female characters with motorcycles looks coolest? Discuss the list here!

Celebrities on Twitter

Which of these film/TV-related celebrities is most worth following on Twitter, or which one would you follow if you were to join? Add your suggestions here Follow @IMDb on Twitter

Real Life Underdogs in Sports

An 'underdog' is a person or group with less power, money, etc., who is expected to lose in a contest or battle. Who is your favorite real life underdog? Or, which underdog seems the most inspiring to you? You may discuss the poll here

There's Method in the Madness

Method acting is a technique of acting in which an actor aspires to have complete emotional identification with a part. It has been called mad and pretentious by some, and yet inspiring and necessary by others. Which of the following actors, renowned for extreme measures they takes in preparing for film roles, do you feel to be the best method actor? Discuss the list here See also: Daniel Day Lewis' Insane Method Acting See also: Robert De Niro's Insane Method Acting

Favorite Poster Featuring a Sunset

Which of these posters featuring a sunset is your favorite? Discuss the list here!

Spell Check

Which of these names have you had most trouble spelling without looking them up in IMDb first? Discuss and add your typos here

Carnage Casting for 'Venom' (2018)

Carnage is the alien symbiote offspring of Venom who has Cletus Kasady, an insane serial killer, as a host. Which actor should star with Tom Hardy as Carnage, the main villain in Venom (2018)? Discuss the list here More Comic Character Casting Polls Here

Most Intense War Related Movie Scenes

This is the 'war-edition' of the most-intense-movie-scene-polls. According to IMDb poll board users, there are scenes in some war movies that are so intense with struggle or a special twist, that you will never forget them again. Which of these intense war-scenes below is your pick? (Feel free to vote, even if you saw just a few of these movies. If you didn't see any of them, pick the one that you would most likely watch.) (Only movies related to real wars containing 'inspired from real' to purely fictional events with a rating of at least 6/10) Discuss here. This is the fifth part of the row. Live-poll part I, Live-poll part II, Live-poll part III, Live-poll part IV

Oscars 2021 — Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role

Which of the nominees of The 93rd Oscars (2021) for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role do you think should win? After voting, discuss here and take other 2021 Oscars polls here. Get complete Oscars coverage on IMDb's Award Central Oscars Guide.

Indiana Jones Secondary Characters

We all know who our favorite archaeologist adventurer is, but which secondary character from this franchise is your favorite? Discuss here.

Difficult to Pronounce Celebrity Names

The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards will be broadcast on Sunday January 12, 2014. According to Hollywood.com, the names of these celebrities are difficult to pronounce. If you were an announcer, which name would you most dread reading out loud fearing that you may mispronounce it? You may discuss the poll here.

The Problem with Michael Bay

Michael Bay is an American filmmaker known for his big-budget action films which are largely characterized by fast cutting, stylistic visuals and his extensive use of special effects, including frequent depictions of explosions. Despite his immense box office success, however, the lion's share of his work has not sat well with critics, with many criticizing the quality, or rather the lack thereof. Which common criticism of Michael Bay's movies do you agree with the most? After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

Brendan Gleeson: Fat? Ugly? Old? GREAT!

Irish actor Brendan Gleeson was once told by a Hollywood agent that he would never be a star because he was too fat, too old, and not good looking enough. Yet he has come to be recognized as one of the greatest character actors of our time and regularly takes the lead in the films he appears in. Which of his performances is your favourite? You can comment here

Face-Off: Harrison Ford Passing the Baton

Harrison Ford has played some iconic roles in his career. In recent times, he has starred in some of the movie sequels where a younger actor took over the character arc for the next generation of films. Which of these characters do you think has best matched the legacy of Harrison Ford's iconic characters? Discuss the poll here

Stars That Got Their Real Start on Disney

Which actor or musician that got their start thanks to Disney is your favorite? Discuss Here

What's Your Destination?

Where do you prefer to go when travelling? Discuss here

Riddle Me This: Casting for Edward Nygma

Batman's iconic villain was missed in Warner Brothers last franchise directed by Christopher Nolan. Rumors suggest Riddler will be showing up in upcoming DC Cinematic Universe films. Here are some favorite choices of actors from various superhero forums and articles for the Riddler. Who is your top choice? Discuss the list here More Comic Character Casting Polls Here