Poll: Divorce in Films

A poll by ElMaruecan82

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The Cure for Love is Marriage

...or at least, you may get that impression after watching the below movies. Which of these films depicting a crumbling marriage do you find the most effective? Discuss here

What are you doing?

Which movie character 'responds' best to that question? (or a derivative of it) Discuss Here

Romantic Couples

Which of these movie posters featuring romance between a couple do you find most romantic? Discuss the list here Take the Part: II HERE

Best Musical Performance by an Actor in a Film?

You may have seen the musical performances in the films below, but did you know that the actors were actually singing and playing instruments themselves? Some already had some musical chops and got to show them off onscreen; other actors actually learned their musical skills in a relatively short time for a particular film. Of the actors below, which do you think gave the best musical performance onscreen? (Note: Because so many actors either sing or play an instrument in a movie, only actors who both sing and play an instrument are included in this poll. Also, no actors who are primarily known as musical artists are included.) Discuss or applaud here.

And They Sing Too!

These actors and actresses are known mostly for their acting. Who impressed you most with their ability to sing? Discuss the list here

Huffpost Most Overrated Recent Movies

In a 2014 article, The Huffington Post listed the 8 Movies From The Last 15 Years That Are Super Overrated. Based on their review and your personal appreciation, which of these movies do you most agree with its overrated status? After voting, you may discuss the list here (some reviews were so long I had to make a few edits but for a better overview, you can check on the whole article by clicking on the given link)

Most Touching Movie Scenes ?

There are some heartbreaking but at the same time beautiful movie scenes that make you almost burst into tears... connected to that are some incredible songs that provoke this bittersweet emotion. This connection is powerful and can make you automatically remember this scene when you listen to the song. Which one of these movie scenes is more touching for you? Discuss here

They Don't Live Happily Ever After

Which of these movie couples which had bad endings made you feel most sad? Discuss the list here!

Sexiest Female movie characters

which of these movie female characters from the modern era (1980s till today ) do you find the sexiest ? Discuss the poll here

Songs Dedicated to Characters Part 2

Which of these songs most suits the character? *The songs aren't actually dedicated to the characters by the songwriters or performers, they unofficially dedicated to them because they suit them so well. Vote for Part 1 here! Discuss the list here!

MPA (Motion Picture Association) 12 Biggest Ratings Controversies

The Motion Picture Association (MPA) is an American trade association representing the five major film studios of the United States, as well as the video streaming service Netflix. The MPA established guidelines for film content which resulted in the creation of the Motion Picture Production Code in 1930. More recently, the MPA has advocated for the motion picture and television industry, with the goals of promoting effective copyright protection, reducing piracy, and expanding market access. Which is your favorite title that created a big stir in the ratings war? Note: all explanations are verbatim excerpts from the original source below... Source: indiewire.com — MPAA Turns 50: Here Are 12 of the Biggest Ratings Controversies, From ‘Basic Instinct’ to ‘Blue Valentine’ Join the Discussion Here in the IMDb Poll Community Forum

Valentine's Week

Valentine's week is celebrated for 7 days leading up to 14th February. It is your chance to fill the hearts of your dear ones with love by giving them gifts and making them feel happy. Which of these days do you think has the most Valentine feeling? Spread the love here

Marriage Movies

"And they lived happily and had many children..." (they eventually divorced and the princess got full custody, but that's another story) All these marriage movies don't end with a divorce, some have divorce as the starting point, but all of them provide many insights about these "better" and "worse" we casually mention during our marriage vows. So, following the release of Noah Baumbach's much anticipated awards-contender Marriage Story (2019), here's a tribute to these movies that say something about marriage. Which of these marriage movies is your favorite? After voting, you might discuss the list here

Provocative Scarlet Letter Oscar Movie Nominees

Which controversial Oscar nominated movie branded with a scarlet letter "Adults Only" rating* throughout the world is the most provocative? * rated X, USA:NC17, UK:18, India:A, etc. or released UNRATED to avoid a scarlet letter rating Discuss the topic here.

The Princess of the Rags

It's a bad thing when a good soul goes down. These female characters experienced lows nobody wants to experience. Some of them have chosen the wrong way, but some others did nothing wrong to get into the situation. When you look at their situation, they are sympathetic in some ways. Which of these unlucky ladies would you most like to save from her situation? Tell us about her ... here.

Blue is the Title

The colour blue features in the titles of the following films, series and documentaries. Which of them is your favourite? You can discuss this poll here http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/thread/256140118

Worst MPAA Rating Decisions

Which of these rating decisions by the MPAA do you think is the worst? Discuss it here

How to Lose a Lover in 2 Hours

Vote here: http://www.imdb.com/poll/-9PQqEymD0Q/?ref_=po_fp You have been dating a very nice person for quite a while now and your partner is hellbent on tying the knot. You, however, are not ready for this commitment. Which film will you get them to watch with you in order to put the idea of marriage right out of their mind? Discuss the list here: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/thread/225142378

Saddest Movie Breakups

Which of these couples who had arguments and breakups at some point in their movies do you think is the saddest? Discuss the list here!

Best End Credits

Sometimes the experience of watching a movie extends after the end. It prolongs into the end credits with a perfect pair of music and shots, montage of stills, clips... and makes you stick around a bit more, enjoying it. Which closing ending sequence is the best? Discuss here ______________________________________________________ Live Poll: Part II