Poll: The Dark Side of New Hollywood

The American cinema of the 1960s was dominated by big-budgeted tentpole productions in an attempt to lure viewers away from television. When the box office returns struggled to justify the expenses, the old studio system saw a shift towards more diverse and risk-taking movies. These were often made by young directors who saw themselves as the central creative forces, or auteurs. This so-called "New Hollywood" came to an end in the late 70s and early 80s, after a number of ambitious "auteur" productions had flopped and the modern blockbuster era led to a renaissance of the studio system. You may find more information on Wikipedia, newwavefilms, and screenprism. It is impossible to define any movement in an all-satisfying way. However, these aspects are often mentioned to characterize the cinematic era we are dealing with: -challenging narrative and technical conventions -a tendency to shoot movies on location as opposed to sound stages -potential for explicit violence and nudity -targeted towards a young demographic -reconciliation of artistic ambition and entertainment, or even favoring of the former -individual expression -critical of society -morally ambiguous -open or tragic endings The word "New Hollywood" is usually used today in a positive way, but where there is light there is also shadow. Which negative aspect do you think most applies to "New Hollywood"? Discuss here


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