Poll: Best Art Films (2010s)

A poll by brijeshmarand

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Oh, Lars

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Best Movie Directed by Jim Jarmusch

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Favorite Modern Black & White Film

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21st Century Monochrome

Because of the creative choice of crew or sometimes because of the lack of budget, movies are shot in black and white even in the 21st Century. Which of these black and white movies from the 21st century is your favorite? Discuss the poll here.

Best Music Score in 2016

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Favorite wedding movie?

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Non-Horror Movies Where Everyone Dies

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Whew! That Was Close, Another Near Miss

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Most Defining Movie of the 2010s

Social networks, artificial intelligence, millennials, girl-power, LGBT, geopolitics... many 2010s movies encapsulate the turmoil of the tumultuous decade that is coming to its end, and perhaps the exhilarating state of being part of events of historical significance (in the long run). Other movies might deal with more trivial matters but while they're not as culturally significant, they're indicative of some trends that defined the film-making industry during the 2010s. This is a list of movies which, for various reasons, can be considered representative of that decade, which one would say most (or best) defines it? After voting, you might discuss the list here

Favorite artwork that inspired a movie or scene?

PLEASE NOTE - you are voting on your favorite artwork, not your favorite film. Discuss the list here

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Movie Scenes Inspired by Paintings

These movie scenes are inspired by some of the most famous paintings in the world. Which scene most resembles the original painting? Discuss here