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Woody's European Tour

Starting in 2005, Woody Allen left his beloved Manhattan and started a series of films set in some of the most important European cities. Which of these films directed by Woody Allen in the Old Continent is the best? Discuss the poll here Poll by Pencho15

What's the Most Romantic Romance of the 21st Century?

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Summer Flick or Real Romance?

More often than not, summer rhymes with blockbuster, thriller or highest box office grosser, it's the hottest season for movie lovers and temperature has nothing to do with it. But how about these movies that exude the romantic summer vibes we can relate to? These little or bigger films set during summertime, at home, on the road or to the seaside where we can feel the exhilarating rush of passion or that little breeze of delightful contentment with the one we suddenly love... Following the release of François Ozon's new film Summer of 85 (2020), let's have a look at some memorable summer romances, which one is your favorite? After voting, you might discuss the list here

Favorite Scarlett Johansson Character

Who is your favorite character that Scarlett Johansson has portrayed? Discuss the list here!

Most creative decade for Woody Allen?

Woody Allen is in his sixth decade of movie making and his newest film, Magic in the Moonlight (2014), will be released at the end of July. Which decade do you think has been the greatest creatively for him? Discuss the list here

Woody Allen's Best Dramatic Movie.

Woody Allen is well known for his romantic comedy movies. But, while looking at his filmography carefully, we can see his love for human psychology and drama associated to it. So, there are some pure dramatic movies in his career. Which of the following dramatic movies of Woody Allen, do you like the most? Discuss the list here

Sexiest scenes rated PG

The sexiest scenes on the big screen which are rated PG-13 at most. Which you think is the sexiest ? Discuss this list here

Oscar Nominated Performances in Woody Allen Movies

Woody Allen has directed a lot of movies, several with Oscar nominated acting performances. But which of these performances that received an Oscar nomination is your favourite? Once you've voted you can discuss this poll here.

Greatest Supporting Actress Oscar Performances (1990-Now)

Which Oscar winning supporting actress performance from 1990 to 2019 is the greatest? Greatest Acting Oscar Performances (1990-Now) Companion Polls Lead Actor : Lead Actress : Supporting Actor : Supporting Actress Discuss the topic here.

Films That Will Inspire You to Travel

Whenever I’m planning a trip I love to see if there are any movies filmed or set there. And even if I’m not planning a trip, nothing satisfies wanderlust more than a movie full of quaint towns and beautiful scenery (even if only for a little while)! Below is a list of movies that will inspire you to travel to a certain city, or have an interesting journey. Which of the following movies did you enjoy the most? After voting, discuss here.

Falling In Love On Set

Which movie that sparked a connection between two featured actors would you like to see or re-watch this February? Discuss Here

I Inevitably Think Of This Movie Every Time I hear This Song

These Films took songs of renowned artists for their soundtracks and became so closely bound that you relate to them immediatly. In your Opinion, Which one has the closest bind to its movie? Discuss this here

Face-Off: Two Americans in Barcelona?

Two independent romance movies each with a pair of Americans: One pair is on vacation touring Spanish city of Barcelona while the other pair find themselves living and working in the great cosmopolitan city. Who would you want to guide you through the sites and sounds and spirit of Barcelona? Choose your guides here.

Best Woody Allen Movie Without Woody Allen

Woody Allen has been one of the most interesting writer-directors of all time. He has appeared in several films which he wrote and directed. Which one of his movies, in which he didn't act, do you think is the best? Discuss the list here.

Love Triangle

Which romantic movie triangle do you love most? Discuss here


Summer starts on June 21st. Which movie that takes place in the summer is your favorite? You may discuss the poll here

Best city to live in

Which city is your favourite? Discuss the list here

Let's Go Grab a Bite

When you eat the cuisine of a country other than your own, which is your first choice? Discuss the list here

How Do You Solve a Problem like...?

The name Maria has been used for an astounding number of memorable characters. Which do you like most? Discuss the list here

Favorite Woody Allen Quote - Part II

December 1, 2015 mark the 80th anniversary of Woody Allen. This list of quotes by The Writer and Director from his Books and Interviews, Which is your favorite? See Part I HERE Discuss The Quotes HERE