Poll: Surprising Hidden Talents of Celebrities

A poll by yrnej

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Which actor would you like as your quiz show partner?

You want the best chance of winning on a quiz show - which actor do you pick to be on your team? *the list is made up of actors with advanced degrees, actors who have won a Celebrity Jeopardy! Tournament, or have otherwise exhibited skill at game shows... Discuss the list here

Billboard All-Time Top Artists

The list below consists of the first 35 of Billboard's Top 100 Artists, which is based off of their performance on charts like Billboards Hot 100. This list was released in celebration of their fiftieth year from August 1958 through 2008. Which artist/band is your favorite? Discuss here.

They Lawyer-ed Up

Celebrities that were or are Lawyers. Who is your favorite? After voting, please discuss here.

The Breakfast Club in Real-Life

The Breakfast Club is a classic film depicting members of some of the various cliques that can be found in almost any high school. Which of the main characters would your high school self identify with the most? After voting, you can Discuss the poll here

Characters in Denim

Which is your favourite character wearing denim? Discuss here.

Face-Off: Katharine Hepburn vs. Daniel Day-Lewis

Hepburn holds the record for most Best Actress Oscars with 4 and Lewis holds the record for most Best Actor Oscars with 3. Which is your favorite? Discuss Here in the IMDb Community Forums

Best Music Video by a Feature Filmmaker

This is a list of music videos directed by directors of feature-length motion pictures. Which music director directed by a feature-filmmaker is the best? Discuss Here!

Best Opposites Attract Movie Couples

These couples may have vastly different personalities, upbringings and/or appearances from one another, but that didn't seem to keep them apart from each other. Now that's true love. Which of these opposite attract movie couples most surprised you, considering their differences? After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

Actors and Actresses Turning 60 in 2022

2022 is on the horizon and many great stars of the big and the little screen will turn 60 in a few months. Which actor or actress turning 60 in 2022 is your favorite? After voting, you might discuss the list here

Famous People With Royal Honors

Who is your favorite celebrity who has received honors from the Royal Family? (Prince Charles, Prince William, Queen Elizabeth) Source: 34 Celebrities Who Have Received Honors From the Royal Family Join the Discussion Here in the IMDb Poll Community Forum

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Think back to your earliest memory of your decision for what you wanted to be when you grew up. Discuss the list here.

Best Rivalry in a Comedy Movie

Which set of individuals or groups that were up against each other is your favorite (I'm excluding sports comedies)? Discuss Here

The Quotable John Hughes

John Hughes sure could turn a phrase. Which of these is your favorite JH quote? Discuss the list here

When you add '-ing' to movie titles...

... which one do you find the funniest? *inspired by 9gag After voting, you may discuss the pollING here.

Best Fictional School / College in A Movie

Which of these fictional movie schools / colleges would you like to attend? Enroll in your class here *school for ordinary people only Fictional School for Non-Ordinary People: VOTE HERE

Hollywood's Greatest Untold Stories

Entertainment Weekly magazine recently devoted an entire issue to "Hollywood's Great Untold Stories" - a behind-the-scenes look at entertainment's unpublicized occurrences, everything from alternative film titles to rejected TV plotlines. We've shared some of the juicier stories below. Which do you find most interesting? Discuss the list here


Which is your favorite character with a change in hair style due to significant events in the storyline? Poll Suggestion: https://getsatisfaction.com/imdb/topics/poll-suggestion-hair-style

Favorite Artist, Golden Age of Classic Rock (1965-1980)

I think I got most of the major acts of the period, plus a few of my own preferences that weren't as major (but were unique and influential). But I could only include 35 for now--maybe we'll do a followup poll with more acts. Discuss here

How often do you go out to the movies?

Discuss your movie plans here.

What Do You Miss the Most Without the IMDb Message Boards?

As the era of the IMDb Message Boards has come to a close, what do you miss most? Discuss at GetSatisfaction