Poll: Bon Anniversaire, Asterix! (60th Anniversary)

"By Toutatis!", "These Romans are Crazy!", "Ave Caesar!" et caetera... So many catchphrases and adventures that enriched the childhood of many comic-book readers all over the world. Asterix, the little Gaul is one of the most popular and emblematic character of the French-Belgian school, with adventures that spanned six decades and a dozen of cinematic adaptations, making it one of the most successful and enduring French franchises of all time. The little Gaul might be the French equivalent to Mickey Mouse -- hey, he even got his own theme park in 1989! And his adventures inspired many catchphrases that became part of France's everyday language such as "the sky is falling on our heads" or "falling into (something) when you were a child", a reference to the magic potion and Obelix who, as we know, isn't fat but "just well-covered". Celebrating a milestone year, the 60th anniversary of his creation and 30th of his park, which of these cinematic adaptations of Asterix' adventures, live-action or animated, is your favorite? After voting, you might discuss the list here