Poll: Top Actors Named James

A poll by Ed_Jones_XLIX

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Wyatt Earp's story has been chronicled in many movies and TV shows over the years. According to Wikipedia, he was a physically imposing figure for his day, was very capable of using his fists instead of his weapon to control those resisting his authority, and was reputed to be an expert with a pistol. He showed no fear of any man. His deputy Jimmy Cairns described Wyatt as "the most dependable man I ever knew; a quiet, unassuming chap who never drank and in all respects a clean young fellow". Wyatt's manner, though friendly, suggested a quiet reserve... Discuss the list here

There's Something About Dexter

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Most Iconic New York City Scene

Ah, the city that never sleeps... It's hard not to associate NYC with the movies. Many of which, and more specifically many scenes, are responsible for instilling this idea in our head that it is the perfect city, filled with dreams and allure. These scenes delved deep into our collective consciousness and reinforced the magic that we feel when we think of The Big Apple. Which of these iconic New York movie scenes do you consider to be the greatest? (Please Note: Since the majority of most of these films take place in New York, I have tried to pick the most iconic scene from each that most memorably depicts the city.) After voting, you may wake up in a city that never sleeps here.

AFI's Most Iconic Actors of the Last Century...

This list features all the actors with at least 4 pre-2000 screen characters nominated to the American Film Institute Top 100 Heroes and Villains. To give you an idea, these 15 actors and actress (kudos to Bette Davis!) put together, represent about 20% of all the nominated characters that impacted American movies' memories and about 25% of the Top 100 list. This called for a poll! They're ranked in order of number of nominated characters, but since quality matters more than quantity, which of these actors or actress, in your opinion, deserves the title of most iconic American Cinema's actor of the last century? Discuss here In bold letters, the characters who made the AFI's Top 100 list.

Chasing the silver fox!

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Face-Off: Average Joes - Jimmy Stewart vs. Tom Hanks

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actors who have portrayed Hawkman

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Most Influential Decade Defining Actor

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Poll Suggestion: Top 250 Actors

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Favorite ''Dexter'' Character

Besides Dexter Morgan, who is your favorite character from Dexter (2006)? Discuss the list here!