Poll: Actresses with Beautiful Eyes!

A poll by Silitonga

Results of 5,821 votes:

  1. 591

    Emma Stone at an event for The Help (2011)

  2. 298
  3. 92

    Scarlett Johansson at an event for Her (2013)

  4. 74

    Sophia Loren, c. 1966.

  5. 59

    c. 1953

  6. 41

    Maureen O'Hara, circa 1950.

  7. 40

    Lauren Bacall circa 1965

  8. 31

    Blake Lively at an event for Savages (2012)

  9. 20

    Photo for "Angel." Marlene Dietrich. 1937/Paramount

  10. 17

    Rhonda Fleming c. 1950

  11. 6


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