Poll: Oscar Best Picture Winners Made on the Cheap

At first glance, $25 million may seem like a lot money. Certainly, it is enough to keep the lights on at home, but it wouldn't cover the expenses of many major motion pictures. While Hollywood is generally secretive about its accounting, it is not a secret that it is common for major movies to have budgets that exceed $100 million. Since 2000, no fewer than 75 movies had budgets that even soared past $200 million (inflation-adjusted). Officially, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) holds the record for the most expensive film ever with a production budget of $378.5 million or $412 million inflation-adjusted, while The Hobbit trilogy is the most expensive back-to-back film production with combined costs of $623 million or $675.6 million inflation-adjusted (after tax credits). When compared to the cost of some of Hollywood's bigger budget productions, these Oscar winners were made for pennies on the dollar, relatively speaking. Sources: Wikipedia, Box Office Mojo, The Numbers and Business Insider Which of these select Oscar-winning Best Picture movies produced on a relatively inexpensive budget* is your favorite? *maximum $25m inflation adjusted budget in 2018 U.S. Dollars and a 7.0+ IMDb rating After voting, discuss the topic here.


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