Poll: Most Exciting 'Rocky' or 'Creed' Franchise Fight

Sylvester Stallone has seemingly relinquished his spot atop the Rocky / Creed franchise. Stallone, known as the star or co-star of the first eight Rocky movies, made his breakthrough in the first 'Rocky' film in 1976. Also, he served as the writer or co-writer of seven Rocky films, the director of five Rocky films and the boxing choreographer for four Rocky films. More recently, his focus has shifted to primarily acting and producing in the the first two 'Creed' installments, as the long-running franchise transitions into its next generation phase. Creed III (2023) completes this transition, as it is the first film in the series without Stallone and the first to be directed by Michael B. Jordan. As a new generation of filmmakers takes the helm and steers a new course for the franchise, Stallone has passed the crown to his heir apparent. In tribute to Sylvester Stallone's lifetime work on the 'Rocky' franchise and his three Rocky-related Oscar nominations: In your opinion, which staged fight in the 'Rocky' / 'Creed' franchise is the most realistic and exciting of them all? Discuss the topic here.


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