Poll: "We'll always have Paris"

And we all have in our minds this immortal, and incredibly romantic, quote delivered by Bogart is Casablanca (1942). Basically, Rick invites Ilsa, in a moment of deep sadness, to stick to the one happy memory they both share, which is that beautiful time they had in Paris, and that no one will ever take away from them, not even war, not even terror. And I guess this quote painfully echoes the events that recently stroke the most beautiful town in the world. No matter what happens, we must all remember Paris, as the symbol of happiness and lifetime memories, the world's must-see, a magical town that movies never ceased to paid tribute to, and it's not a hazard that most of them happen to be romances. And in this melancholy time for the world, as we all have a little of Paris in our hearts, I thought it would be a good idea to pay a cinematic homage to the City of Lights, in memory of the victims of the Paris attacks, and in fact, all the innocent victims of terror and barbarity in the world. So, apart from Rick's legendary farewell, which of these ten other quotes constitutes the best tribute to Paris? Pour en discuter, veuillez cliquer sur ce lien