Poll: Which Video Game World Would Lend Itself to a Movie the Best?

Out of the video game franchises without a movie, which would lend itself best to one? The movie doesn't have to be based on the exact exploits of the game, such as how they handled the Assassin's Creed movie where it's in the same universe, but is its own story, with its own characters, but the same elements. In fact, not basing the movie on the same story as the video game would, most likely, lend for a great movie, if handled well. The video game can't already have at least one movie, so no Mario, Pokemon, etc. Here goes! https://getsatisfaction.com/imdb/topics/which-video-game-world-would-lend-itself-to-a-movie-the-best Keep in mind that, if there's more than one entry in the series, the game listed envelopes all of the games, but I don't want to have something like eight Legend of Zelda games listed when one would suffice.