Poll: Live Action Superheroes Who Did Not Originate From Comicbooks

With all the live action comicbook movies being produced lately, it seems a character can only be considered a superhero if they came from a comicbook from one of the big Comicbook companies, or independent companies, or manga. Well, this list serves as a reminder that there are other sources from which a superhero can arise. Like: movies, TV shows, tv cartoon shows not based on comicbook characters, Comicstrips (remember those?), old radio shows, old movie matinee serials, pulp fiction, and novels. Well, which one of these who made it into a live action movie, should be considered a superhero? To nominate another or to discuss the topic, click here. If you are nominating another, just remember to mention what the original source was. Sorry “Ben 10”, but nobody has done a live action movie of you yet. Live poll: https://www.imdb.com/poll/nGf0yz8mtC4/?mode=desktop&ref_=m_ft_dsk


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