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1968 in the Movies

What a year 1968 was. Student rebellion, sexual revolution, peace movements, political assassinations. Which of these feature films set in 1968 really takes you back? Discuss this poll here

They love each other, and get the Oscar together ...

Favorite Oscar-winning screen-couple from the same movie ? They might end up together and live happily ever after, they might already be together, or love each other for a brief moment before breaking up, anyway, which of these Oscar-winning couples is your favorite? Discuss here

Coming Home After War

Which of these films do you think does the best job of portraying the various difficulties faced by armed forces personnel when they come back home from war? Discuss this poll here http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/thread/255134916

Paralyzed Characters

Which of these paralyzed characters is your favorite? Discuss the list here!

Patriotic Best Picture Nominees

Whether in their overarching theme, in the journey pursued by their characters or the idealistic spirit that drive them or even in the way they thoughtfully question the application of America's own ideals in difficult or pivotal times of history, all these Best Picture nominees display (directly or indirectly) a certain devotion to America's own ideals and deserve to be called patriotic. Which of these patriotic films is your favorite? After voting, you might discuss the list here

Oh say, can you see ... the poster!

Which of these 13 films (like the 13 stripes) makes the most 'asthetically pleasing' use of the 'stars and stripes'? Discuss here

Movies nominated for the 7 Major Oscars ...

To date, only 13 movies have been nominated for the 7 Major Oscars, which are Best Picture, Director, Screenplay (Original or Adapted), Actor, Supporting Actor, Actress and Supporting Actress. Which one is your favorite? Discuss here

The Best '70s War Movie

War is hell and these films from the 1970s showed us exactly why. The following films either took place during wartime, showed us ways in which the war affected others or immersed us directly into the horrors on the battlefield. Which of these '70s War movies will you most likely remember? 1960s <<< Vote Other Decades >>> 1980s After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

Top Vietnam War Movies

Discuss proposed poll here

Post-War Movies

What is your favorite 'war' movie that primarily deals with the aftermath, reconstruction or recovery phase, or whose plot is mainly driven by a post-war element (trauma, quest, revenge or enigma)? Discuss here

Home Sweet Home

Due to COVID 19, we were told to stay home. Maybe that's an opportunity to watch movies about home. Which of these films/series with the word home in the title do you most want to see? Discuss the list here!

Best Picture Nominated Wartime Movies

Not every war-movie features war-scenes: many of them are essentially focused on the atmosphere, the mood or more simply the war as seen from the civilians' standpoint. This poll is about classic Best Picture Oscar-nominated "battle-less" war movies (the term "battle" loosely includes "soldier vs. soldier" shootouts or executions). Which of these classic wartime movies is your favorite? After voting, you might discuss the list here

Oscar Nominees at the Age of 31

As IMDb gets older, the number of Oscar winners and nominees of the same age gets higher and higher, to give you an idea, in two years, we've gained more than 20 entries. And this is why for the second (and certainly not the last) time, the celebration of IMDb's 31st Anniversary will be made into two separate lists. So here's the first list of performances that earned their actors and actresses an Oscar nomination on the year of their 31st birthday. Which of these performances (ranked chronologically) would you consider your favorite? After the vote, you might discuss the list here (oh, and the * refers to a supporting role) As usual, it's very likely that the actor/actress might not have turned 31 (or 32) before the actual date of the ceremony, but using the same convention as for the last six editions, the age 31 is simply the result of a simple subtraction of years. "25th Anniversary" Poll (2015) "26th Anniversary" Poll (2016) "27th Anniversary" Poll (2017) "28th Anniversary" Poll (2018) "29th Anniversary" Poll (2019) "30th edition -Nominees" & "30th edition - Winners" (2020)

Movies With Both Leading Role Oscars

These 7 movies won both Academy Awards; ‘Best Actor in a Leading Role‘ and ‘ Best Actress in a Leading Role’. Which duo gave the best performance? You may discuss the poll here

Movies With Most Acting Nominations (Part 2)

These movies got at least four Oscar nominations in acting categories. Which movie has your favorite set of performances? *movies are listed in chronological order Related poll: Oscar Winning Roles in the Same Movie Discuss here See part 1 here.

Oscar Winning Roles in the Same Movie (Part 1)

Thirty-nine times have two or more actors won the Academy Award for their performances in the same movie. This first part includes performances from 1934 to 1979. Which of these pairs (or triplets) of Oscar winning roles is your favorite? Discuss here See part 2 here.

Seminal Films for Baby Boomers

If you happen to have been born between 1946 and 1964 or thereabouts (and if not, you'll just have to pretend :-) ), then you should recall many if not all of these films. Which title do you recall most fondly? Which film perhaps even influenced you in some way in a time when social values, political views, music taste, sexual prejudices, drug use, race relations, respect for state authority, women's rights and so many other entrenched views were being questioned without quite knowing what this would lead to. Limiting the list: To keep this list faintly manageable, it ranges from the early sixties which saw the first boomers in their teens (so no Rebel Without a Cause (1955) or West Side Story (1961)), to the mid seventies before subject matter turned to mid-life crisis (Kramer vs. Kramer (1979), The Big Chill (1983), Field of Dreams (1989)) and post Vietnam coping (Apocalypse Now (1979), Coming Home (1978), The Deer Hunter (1978)). (based loosely on Oliver Stone's list "Iconic Films for the Boomer Generation" http://goo.gl/G8OqjS) Discuss here

Word War Two

Which of these two-word titled war movies* is your favorite? After voting, you may discuss the list here (*original title)

Movies That Won Both Leading Acting Categories

In these movies Oscars were won in both the Leading Actor and the Leading Actress categories. Which pair of performances was the best? Discuss here.

Best Acting Cast

This is a list of movies that got nominated in every acting category in the Oscars. Which of the following movies do you think had the best acting performances as group? After voting, discuss here.