Poll: Foreign Language Directing Nominees

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Single Film, Winner of Five Major Awards — Best Director

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Oscars 2019 Postmortem — 'Roma' vs. 'Green Book'

Did Green Book (2018), Oscar-nominated in five categories score an upset Best Picture victory over Roma (2018), Oscar-nominated in ten categories at the 91st Academy Awards ceremony? It has been suggested that a minority bloc of voters who take issue with streaming films being considered for Oscars engineered the upset. The Oscars preferential voting system likely was an unwitting accomplice, by reassigning votes from other Best Picture nominees until a clear majority winner emerges. As such, sentiment against a film can factor, as much as, having the most top-ranked votes on the initial ballot. An unbiased head-to-head voting competition would settle the issue once and for all. If the 2019 Oscar Best Picture race were rerun, this time as a pure head-to-head competition, which of these two nominees would get your vote for Best Picture? Get complete The Oscars (2019) coverage on IMDb's Award Central Oscars Guide. After voting, discuss the topic here or take other Oscars 2019 polls here.

Best Nostalgic Film

"Yesterday... all my troubles seemed so far away... With the sad passing of Gloria Katz, writer of American Graffiti (1973) and the release of Alfonso Cuarón's much anticipated Roma (2018), an autobiographical film based on his childhood in Mexico City, let's have a look on all these times of happiness and/or melancholy where nostalgia was brought to the silver screen. The following fictionalized autobiographies, coming-of-age stories or lighthearted dramas may not all be based on the director's or a writer's early years... but they all have one thing in common: they convey a warm, sad, dreamy or bittersweet feeling of nostalgia either from the narrative or the way the characters (no gangsters included) reminisce about their sweet old memories. And the nostalgia can be so powerful that viewers might feel nostalgic about times or places they didn't even know. Which of these nostalgic films is your favorite? After voting, you might discuss the list here

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Venice Film Festival 2018

The 75th International Film Festival in Venice, Italy, has a strong competition lineup and Guillermo del Toro as jury president. Which film are you most looking forward to? Discuss here after voting

Best Black & White Best Picture Oscar Nominee

Which of these select* Oscar-nominated Best Picture movies initially released entirely or mostly in black & white is the best? * Well-deserving movies were selected based on these combined factors: IMDb vote totals (well seen), popularity, Meta Critic Scores, AFI 100 rank, IMDb ratings rank, iconic status, and other top ranks on established all-time lists. (minimum 30,000 IMDb votes) Discuss the topic here.

BAFTA Awards 2019 — Best Film

Which of the nominees of the 72nd British Academy Film Awards for Best Film do you think should win? Discuss the Poll Here

Face-Off: 'Parasite' vs. 'Roma'

The last 2 foreign films most acclaimed by critics and the public, both films won the Oscar for Best International Feature Film and their directors won the Best Director award, in 2019 and 2020 respectively. Both films try to be a portrait of the society of their countries, Mexico and South Korea respectively. Roma was in black and white and now Parasite has begun to launch limited black and white screenings. Both films also received a rating of 96 in Metascore. Which of the 2 do you prefer? You may discuss this poll here