Poll: Which of the "12 Angry Men" are you?

"12 Angry Men" is a fantastic ensemble study illustrating the way personalities can influence convictions, the way a few people can monopolize the talk and the way a silent majority is eager to follow the ones who aggressively express their thoughts. At the end, it's all about the courage it takes to be the lone dissenter and use a constructive, polite and logical reasoning that can destroy any 'truth' taken for granted. And the cast, one of the best ever featured in film, offers an insightful examination of many subtle nuances that can enrich a male adult demography, played with such believability every one could identify with one of the jurors. So, which of the 12 jurors did you most identify with? And if you have a reasonable doubt, just watch the film again (or will it be the first time?) to make up your mind. Discuss here