Poll: Favorite Oscar Best Picture Remake or Reboot Nominee?

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Producer's Guild predicting Best Picture winners:

Since its first annual award in 1990, Producer's Guild Award (PGA) has been correctly predicting Academy Award's Best Picture winners for 19 years (not consecutive), including this year(2015)'s Birdman. Only a few movies that won PGA's Outstanding Producer of Theatrical Motion Pictures did not get the Oscar's biggest fame. Which one do you most wish should've been Best Picture winner? Share your thought here.

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American Film Institute Top 10 Movies of 2001

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Favorite Best Picture Music Oscar Nominee?

Which of these Best Picture Oscar-nominated music movies whose main character(s) are involved in the creation or performance of music* is your favorite? *composers, singers, musicians, managers, venue owners, etc. For the purpose of this question, a music genre movie is defined as a movie whose plot is dominated by the performance or creation of music (vocal, instrumental, or mechanical sounds having rhythm, melody, or harmony). In contrast to a musical genre movie, which combines songs interwoven into the narrative, spoken dialogue, acting and sometimes dance. Those movies that have both elements would fit into the music and musical genres. Discuss the topic here.

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Favorite Oscars Déjà Vu Best Picture Movie?

Movie-goers' déjà vu experience the past four years with Best Picture Oscar-nominated films Little Women (2019), A Star Is Born (2018) and West Side Story (2021) has become an annual tradition. In-development Oscar-worthy déjà vu films, like Cleopatra (????) and My Fair Lady (????), potentially could keep that trend going in the future. Currently, the total sets of Best Picture nominated movies based on the same story stands at eleven pairs. A notable mark for an award ceremony that for over ninety-four years has demonstrated an aversion to reboots, remakes and sequels. Which of these Oscar nominees that trigger a déjà vu* feeling is your favorite Best Picture retelling? *a feeling of having already seen the same story in a Best Picture nominee before (same story movie Best Picture sets based the on the same original source material or a revised version) Discuss the topic here.

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