Poll: Join Your New Family

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Battle Royale!

There's a galactic war going on right now. We humans are caught in the middle of it. Which of these alien military/ invading forces* should we fear the most if their side comes out victorious? The enemy of my enemy of my enemy of my enemy ... is what exactly to you? Let us know with your prayers here! *NO FANTASY BASED ARMIES. NO HUMAN (homo-sapien, mutant, or zombified) BASED TROOP FORCES.

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Dress for Success 'Star Wars' Stormtroopers

Working for the Galactic Empire or First Order is just like any job; your success is tied to not only looking the part but having the tools to do it. Which 'Star Wars' franchise stormtrooper do you think is dressed for success the best? Source: wookiepedia.com Which specially equipped uniformed 'Star Wars' stormtrooper* or clone trooper* is the best prepared to fulfill their mission and look good doing it? *live-action 'Star Wars' movie franchise stormtroopers or clone troopers only Discuss the topic here or Take other 'Star Wars' polls here.

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When You Think of Little People in the Movies?

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Classic Quotes in "Alien" Situations

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A Star Wars Story You Most Want to See?

The current announced line-up of 'Star Wars' movies will explore previously unmined material in the Star Wars galaxies via two new movie series. The only avenue to revisit or delve further into existing characters or further develop canon material will be through anthology movies, like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) and Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018). Several “standalone” movie projects are rumored to be in the early development stages, but none have yet to be firmly green lit. While speculation has been rampant over the past few years, each project's fate and fortunes seems to change almost monthly. These answer options may or may not be in early development and are purely speculative. Which of these previously depicted 'Star Wars' characters, groups, places or events most deserves an origin story or other in-depth treatment to become the next live-action anthology 'Star Wars' movie? Discuss the topic here or Take other 'Star Wars' polls here.

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