Poll: Find Carmen Now!

The world famous computer game, television show, and animated show thief, Carmen Sandiego is at it again! It is up to you, intrepid detectives, to do two things. 1) (for fun) figure out where she is and 2) of which of these following crimes she most likely will commit! All we got for clues are these vague rumors and image references to movies. Some think that this a diabolical plot to trick people to interact with the IMDb to read the movie summaries for clues to figure out where Carmen is. Perish the thought! No one is that devious. (Yes, I am.) Which crime is Carmen most likely to pull? In case you have heard any other rumors about where she is, report them here. (You have to go here for the answers too. Just make sure to report rumors with lots of clues, location of the crime, and an object to be stolen. Also, the stolen object must be so silly and outlandish that it couldn’t be possibly stolen in real life, like the smile off the Mona Lisa‘s face; so therefore, we are not encouraging a real life crime. (It is called being socially responsible.)


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