Poll: Non Superhero/Non Sci-Fi Action Films

A poll by tasmalina

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The 'War' in the Title

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A Tribute to Ian Holm

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Iconic Underdogs

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Similar First and Final Movie Shot

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O', Brother, Sister, Who Art Thou?

You favorite of these siblings-with-issues films.

The Tenth Day of Christmas

On the 10th Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... Ten Lords a Leaping From this list of movies containing the number "10", the words "Lord" or "leaping"... which is your favorite? Discuss the list here Look for other polls on the 12 Days of Christmas.

Bizarre Song & Scene Combinations

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It's War!

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"Everybody Knows" Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen was a Canadian singer-songwriter. His songs may not have been chartbusters immediately when released but his unconventional singing style made sure to create an everlasting memory of his melodies. Even his songs crooned by other artists create a similar aura because of the soul-lifting lyrics and melodies. These are the most popular movies with his songs. If you get a chance to create a Leonard Cohen playlist, which of these versions of his songs would you choose? Discuss the poll here