Poll: Who Run the World? Girls!

A poll by yrnej

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Saddest death from a 1994 movie ...

Which of these characters' deaths (and their emotional aftermath) from 1994 moved you the most? (Spoilers obviously) Discuss here

Favorite American Civil War Movie

Out of these American Civil War movies, which one is your favorite? Discuss Here

Sisters Are Doin' It For Each Other!

Which of these sister acts would you like to join? Discuss the list here * minimum 6.0 stars

Face-Off: Jennifer Lawrence vs. Saoirse Ronan

With her nomination for Little Women (2019), Saoirse Ronan became the second youngest person to achieve four Oscar acting nominations. She was barely defeated by Jennifer Lawrence, who was 4 months younger when she got her fourth nod, and both actresses were 25 when they celebrated this success. Considering their 4 Oscar nominated roles, which of them has the best work so far? Poll by Pencho15 Discuss Here

Favorite Oscars Déjà Vu Best Picture Movie?

Movie-goers' déjà vu experience the past two years with Best Picture Oscar-nominated films Little Women (2019) and A Star Is Born (2018) has become an annual tradition. That tradition is likely to continue at The Oscars (2021) next year with West Side Story (2021). In-development Oscar-worthy déjà vu films, like Cleopatra (????) and My Fair Lady (????), potentially could keep that trend going in the future. Currently, the total sets of Best Picture nominated movies based on the same story stands at ten pairs. A notable mark for an award ceremony that for over ninety-two years has demonstrated an aversion to reboots, remakes and sequels. Which of these Oscar nominees that trigger a déjà vu* feeling is your favorite Best Picture retelling? *a feeling of having already seen the same story in a Best Picture nominee before (same story movie Best Picture sets based the on the same original source material or a revised version) Discuss the topic here.

The Bay State Movies

The Bay State is the official nickname of Massachusetts. In 1788 it became the 6th state of the United States of America. These movies have a connection with Massachusetts. It's a topic in the story or they are (partially) filmed in Massachusetts. Which movie (or movie poster) do you associate the most with Massachusetts? You may discuss the poll here Click here to vote for other States of America

So Many Little Women

One-hundred fifty years after its initial publication, two more adaptations of Louisa May Alcott's classic novel Little Women are being released, joining several earlier versions. This time it will air as a three-part miniseries on PBS as part of the Masterpiece series and as a film retold in a modern setting. Which of these previous versions of the March family's story most gave you that special family feel? Discuss the list here

Triple F

Which of these movies listed as Triple F-rated by IMDb is your favorite? Triple F-rated: Used for any title which meets all three of the F-rated criteria: directed by a woman, written by a woman and features significant women on screen in their own right. Discuss the poll here

Thomas Newman's Best Scores

We have now had polls rating the best musical scores on film by composers John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, and James Horner. In continuing this study of modern composers, let's examine Thomas Newman. Newman has been composing for over 30 years and has over 100 credits and 12 Oscar nominations, yet tragically no Oscar wins. This is a list of films that Thomas Newman composed the score for. Selection is taken from his awards-nominated work, his highest grossing films, and his otherwise highly regarded scores. From this list, which film has your favorite Newman musical score? Discuss this here

Favorite Christian Bale Live-Action Movie

Christian Bale's birthday is January 30th. The young actor has compiled an impressive body of work filled with memorable performances. His recent string of Oscar worthy turns bodes well for what audiences can expect in the future. In a salute to Bale, a retrospective of his best live-action films and character portrayals. Which Christian Bale live-action movie is your favorite, so far? Discuss the topic here.

Bridging the Gender Gap: Best Films from Women Directors

The Critics Choice nominations were announced recently and Angelina Jolie and Ava DuVernay were nominated as best director, a historic first, as no more than one woman had been nominated in any given year before. In a male-dominated industry, women have traditionally been shut out from directing movies and receiving recognition when they did. But standing on the shoulders of trailblazing female directors such as Alice Guy-Blaché and Dorothy Arzner, more and more women are at the helm. According to Metacritic, the following are the most critically acclaimed films directed by women; which do you think is the best? (Documentaries, films after 2010, and films made before meta-scores were given are not included.) Discuss here

Canada's 150th Anniversary - Top 250 Movies

2017 marks Canada's 150th anniversary of gaining nominal independence from the United Kingdom on July 1, 1867. In recognition of Canada Day and Canadian filmmaking, a poll celebrating Canada's contributions to IMDb's Movie Top 250. Source: IMDb Informer Which Canadian made* movie to be currently or formerly in the IMDb Top Movie 250 is your favorite? *includes Canadian only and multi-country co-productions Discuss the topic.

Jumanji Me Into a Movie: Romance

What movie that has a romantic story line would you like to be Jumanji'd/transported into? If you would be so bold, tell us what movie you voted for and what character you wanted to be, right here. No fibbing! Don't be scared! No one will know....

Best Music Score in 2019

Which of the following scores do you think is THE BEST OF 2019? Discuss the list here.

Movies at 25 in 2019

Movies released in 1994 are now 25 years old. This poll includes the top rated 35 of the 3,327 movies released in 1994. Which one of these is your favorite? After voting, you may discuss the poll here. 2018 << Movies at 25 in Also vote for: Movies at 50 in 2019 | Movies at 75 in 2019

It was 20 years ago today...

Which of these top 35* films released in 1994 has best stood the test of time? *According to IMDb's MOVIEmeter Discuss the list here

Oscars 2020 — Costume Design

Which of the nominees of The Oscars (2020) for Costume Design do you think should win? Costume your feelings about these costumed dramas over here!

Metacritic's Best Films of 2019

Metacritic gives movies an aggregate score, from zero to one hundred, based on the weighted average of the most respected critics' reviews. A score of at least 61 is favorable and a score of 81 or higher is considered to be a "must see." Below are the 2019 movies rated highest by critics, according to their Metacritic scores. All of the films below have a score of at least an 85. Which of these do you think is the best? Discuss here (and, if interested, also see the exclusion criteria there). Note: The films are listed in alphabetical order, except for the first five, which are chosen to represent the variety of movies on the list. None are listed in order of Metacritic score. To see them in order of metascore, go here. Vote in these related polls: Metacritic's Best Films of 2018 and Metacritic's Best Films of 2017

Kirsten Dunst's Most Moving Character

Kirsten Dunst has two high profile movies for 2017: The Beguiled (2017) and Woodshock (2017). Which of the following characters of hers do you find the most affective and moving? Emote your answer here!

Movies for Christmas 2019

Which of these movies would you like to watch this Christmas? Discuss the list here!