Poll: The Best Movies of 2020

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There have always been books which forced the impression to be unfilmable. But then some producers, directors, and writers came and showed that the stuff is not unfilmable. We all know that the 'Lord of the Rings' franchise was one of these "so-to-say" big unfilmable ideas, but at the end it became a highly acclaimed movie series. Which of these movies and tv-series that seemed to be unfilmable rocked it the most? (Or Which do you think will rock it the most? - For productions that are still not released.) Tell us here.

Best Bollywood Movie of 2020

Here are the top Bollywood Movies of 2020, according to IMDb ratings. What do you think is the best Bollywood movie so far? Movies with at least a 7.0 IMDb rating and at least 2235 votes. Discuss Here After Voting

25 Most Rated Movies of 2020

Which of these 2020 movies with the most number of ratings on IMDb is your favorite? Discuss here

Most Anticipated DVD/Blu-Ray Release of May 2020

Which film would you buy during the month of May of 2020? (sorted by Box Office) Note: All the dates are the release dates in the United States. Discuss here

Favorite 1930s Horror Movie

Celebrating Halloween, these are IMDb highest-rated horror movies from the 1930's and with more than 5000 votes. Which of these classic horror movies is your favorite? After voting, you may discuss the list here

Rotten Tomatoes: Top Horror Movies

Which of these top 35 horror movies, according to Rotten Tomatoes, is your favorite? Discuss here Other Genres: Mystery & Suspense | Art House & International | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | Classics

Most Viewed Trailers of 2020

Here are the top 20 trailers IMDb users watched the most in 2020. Which of them did you like the most? • Please note that while voting, you're voting for the trailer and not the movie. Links to the trailers are provided in case you haven't seen them yet. Discuss here

Favorite Movie Heroine of 2020

2020 was an unusual year, of course, with not nearly as many movies released as in other years, but there were still some on-screen heroines to inspire us. To celebrate the emergence of more bold, brave, and colorful women and girls, which of these heroines from 2020 is your favorite? (Note: Except for the first five, all characters are listed in alphabetical order by first name.) After voting, discuss here. Vote for your favorite heroines of 2019, 2018, and 2017.

Best 2020-21 Movie Without an Oscar Nod

The 93rd Academy Awards ceremony will honor the best films released between January 1, 2020 and February 28, 2021. Which of these highest rated movies* released during that time period that missed a nomination at the 2021 Oscars is the best? After voting, you may discuss the poll here. *Rated at least 6.5/10 stars with at least 5,000 votes on IMDb with above 60 Metascore.

25 Highest-Grossing Movies of 2020

Which of these highest-grossing movies of 2020 is your favorite? Discuss here [ See more: Best of 2020 Polls ]

Favorite Blumhouse Productions Horror Movie?

Blumhouse Productions is an independent production company known mainly for producing low-budget horror films. Founder Jason Blum has delivered some of the most profitable horror movies in recent years. As a result, he has become one the most influential producers in Hollywood. Blumhouse's business model has been to produce films on a small budget, give directors creative freedom and release them widely (600+ theaters) through the studio system. That model will serve them well as they continue to introduce new and emerging filmmakers. Recently, Blumhouse signed a landmark deal to remake monster movies from the Universal Studio catalog in a move to scale up their operations. Universal's legendary monsters from the 1930s and 1940s are some of the biggest names in the genre and are ripe for a series of reboots. The partnership seems like a natural fit and places them in direct competition and on a level playing field with the major Hollywood studios. Which of these select Blumhouse-produced movies is your favorite horror film, so far? Discuss the topic here.

Recent Movies That Pass the Bechdel Test

Inspired by Alison Bechdel's comic strip 'The Rule,' the Bechdel Test is a simple measure to see if women are fairly represented in a film. Which of these recently released (2020 - March 2021) top movies that pass the Bechdel Test do you like the most? Check out the full list here. Discuss the poll here

Films Once, But No Longer, in AFI's Greatest 100

The following movies were all on American Film Institute's original list of the "100 Greatest American Films of All Time," released in 1998, but not on their subsequent "Greatest 100" list, compiled for 2007, as new films became eligible and time changed perspective. If it were up to you, which one would you most like to see back on AFI's "Greatest" list? Discuss here

Favorite Blumhouse Film Twentieth Anniversary Celebration

Since the year 2000, Blumhouse has continued to entertain us with their low budget horror films and,in recent years,films in other genres,as well. To celebrate their 20th anniversary this year, what is your favorite Blumhouse production? After voting,you can discuss this poll here https://getsatisfaction.com/imdb/topics/poll-suggestion-whats-you-favorite-blumhouse-film-20th-anniversary-celebration-mpak72qy6h3v3

30's Film You Are Most Embarrassed to Have Not Seen (Popular and High Grossing)

Which of these high grossing or popular films from the 1930's are you most ashamed to admit that you have not seen? Discuss here: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/flat/258221882 Look also for the 30's list of Award Winning and critically acclaimed films that you are most embarrassed that you have not yet seen.

Cinematic Heroes of 2020

Who is your favorite main or notable supporting cinematic protagonist of 2020? (Characters from non-animated feature length films with average ratings of 6.0+ from 50,000+ IMDb users are included.) Plug your hero or heroine of choice here.

Most Anticipated Movies Winter 2019

Which one of these Movies will you want to see the most this Holiday and Winter Season? After voting, please discuss here. Feature Films Released between 12-21-2019 and 03-19-2020

Favorite 'Invisible Man' Version

Ever since the original Universal monster-classic from 1933, the 'Invisible Man' has been adapted several times for movies and TV. Which version of the iconic myth, created by H.G. Wells, is your favorite? After voting, you might discuss the list .....

IMDb Top Rated 250 Indian Movies in 2020

Here are the top Indian movies of 2020 as rated by IMDb users, according to the Top Rated Indian Movies as of January 2021. Which one is your favorite? Discuss Here After Voting

Best Benjamin Wallfisch Score

Which score by composer Benjamin Wallfisch is the best in your opinion? Discuss here