Poll: AFI's Unlisted Hollywood Male Legends

A poll by ElMaruecan82

Results of 369 votes:

  1. 70

    Charlton Heston at home, circa 1967.

  2. 35

    Montgomery Clift

  3. 26

    Bing Crosby c. 1936

  4. 25

    Frank Sinatra at a recording session / June, 1964

  5. 24

    Anthony Quinn 11/5/48

  6. 22

    Charles Laughton

  7. 16

    Three Stooges C. 1940

  8. 14

    "Devil's Island" Boris Karloff 1938 Warner Bros. **I.V.

  9. 11

    Lon Chaney, c. 1923.

  10. 10

    Bela Lugosi

  11. 8

    Mickey Rooney c. 1967

  12. 6

    Fredric March, c. 1937.

  13. 5

    Rudolph Valentino Circa 1920 Paramount Pictures

  14. 2

    W.C. Fields, c. 1939.

  15. 2

    Johnny Weissmuller Circa 1932 MGM

  16. 1

    John Barrymore Film Set/MGM Grand Hotel (1932) 0022958

  17. 1

    Jose Ferrer, c. 1954.

  18. 0

    Wallace Beery, c. 1930.

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