Poll: What They Do in the Shadows of Your Home

You find yourself desperate and under financial dire straits. You need a roommate to help divide up chores and pay for rent and other expenses.* Which of these vampires would you choose for your roommate if your hands were tied and one of these undead creatures of the night was your only choice? A real estate agent is waiting for you over here to help you write up a sublease agreement over here. She will waive her finder's fee and has already baked a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies as a housewarming gift. *They promise under their sublease agreement with you to not turn you into one of their human familiars. You agree to not ever invite any werewolves over to your flat or home (even for a one night stand). They promise, to the best of their abilities, to not suck your blood or drain your life energy unless you inhibit/prevent their usual feeding rituals or at least, without giving your consent first (no hypnotism allowed). (What We Do in the Shadows/What We Do in the Shadows)