Poll: Remembering Jonathan Demme

Acclaimed film director Jonathan Demme has passed away at the age of 73. Despite his long career starting in the mid '70s with Caged Heat (1974), Demme will be forever associated his masterpiece, The Silence of the Lambs (1991). A consummate artist, he worked up to the date of his death, his final project being Seven Seconds (2018), a new show for Netflix. Equally adept at comedies, dramas, thrillers and concert films, Demme was a Renaissance man. Since Silence of the Lambs is his obvious legacy let's focus on his other films. Which of his most popular films (other than SotL) will you remember Demme for? Discuss the list here *minimum rating 6.0 stars, 1,000 votes ------------------- Demme was not only a gifted filmmaker but a serious fan himself. This story from a fellow attendee of the Toronto International Film Festival illustrates: When I saw Moonlight (2016) at TIFF, Jonathan Demme was sitting in front of me. A volunteer pointed out the VIP section and asked if he wanted to move, but he politely refused. After the film he was clearly clearly ecstatic and during the Q&A he waved his arms frantically to ask a question. When it came time for the last question he was randomly chosen, and without introducing himself, he asked a question about the sound design. After the movie got out I saw him get introduced to Barry Jenkins and they hugged and laughed warmly. One more story, just because it's so fun... He lost a power struggle with star Goldie Hawn over their film Swing Shift (1984); the rental copy of the movie at Philadelphia’s TLA Video was accompanied by a Post-It note from Demme explaining how different his original, still-unseen version of the film looked.