Poll: Vietnam War Veterans

A poll by Dibyayan_Chakravorty

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Entertainment Factors

What is the most important single element in a movie to ensure that you are entertained? Discuss here

Joker Movie That Is No Laughing Matter

The Joker, a legendary DC comics villain, finally is featured in his very own stand-alone live-action movie. The Joker has been featured as the primary antagonist in many live-action and animated Batman films. But, he has never had a solo film without the Caped Crusader, until now. In honor of his past portrayals, his current Joker (2019) movie portrayal and future announced projects, Untitled Jared Leto/Joker Project (????) and Untitled Joker/Harley Quinn Project (????): Which of these movies* is the most serious contender for the best Joker movie, so far? *theatrical, television, streaming and direct-to-video movies in which the Joker is a main character Discuss the topic here.

Iconic Movie Catchphrases

We may not remember the entire movie, but we definitely remember the line and that's because they transcended the scripts they were from and became a part of us forever. This will NOT include superhero catchphrases, as that has been done here. Which iconic movie catchphrase do you think is most MEMORABLE? After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

This Miracle Happened To Me

Hanukkah is all about miracles and our ability to appreciate the good things in our life. Miracles happen all the time, but we don't always notice them, sometimes we get so involved in our lives, that we don't appreciate the positive aspects of our lives. So which miracle from this list happened to you? Not all of these things are defined as miracles, as we usually think about the definition of the word miracle, but it's not something we should take for granted -not everyone has a loving family or find true love. If there is more than one, select the option that you believe is most important to you. We would appreciate if you share your story here

Best Christian Bale Performance

Christian Bale is one of the most versatile actors of our generation. Which of his performances do you consider the very best? Discuss here.

Top 25 Trivia Items From the Last 25 Years

Over the past 25 years, IMDb has accumulated plenty of amazing facts and figures about Hollywood's most memorable movies. To celebrate IMDb's 25th anniversary, which of the top 25 trivia items from the last 25 years as chosen by IMDb's editors do you think is the most interesting? See the original list here. Discuss it here

Songs you will never listen to the same way again?

Films often use famous pop culture songs in important scenes, whether it be in a happy, scary or a sad way. Today, we are focusing on all of the different types. Which song will you never listen the same way again? Thanks to these following movies. Discuss here.

Actors Who Turned Down Big Roles

As with just about every movie made, before the lead actors are cast there are many more that audition or are considered for the roles. Sometimes the person we see on screen and admire might not have been the directors or studios first choice. So let's take a look at some of the actors and actresses who, if things had played out differently, could've ended up playing these classic roles? Which of these actors who turned down big roles would be most interesting to see? Discuss the list here!

Rich Characters

Which of these rich characters is your favorite? Discuss the list here! Female Rich Characters here!

My Greatest Hits

In the episode Greatest Hits (2007), from the famous series Lost (2004), one character recalls the five most important events in his life by writing them down as his own 'Greatest Hits'. What is the most important event in your life? Discuss here

Iconic Shots in Movies - Part 2

These are some of the most famous and iconic movie shots of all-time. Which of these iconic shots is your personal favorite? Check out the Part 1 of this poll here. Discuss this poll here.