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Decades In Horror

Which of these decades do you think was the best for the horror genre? Discuss here

Your Favorite John Carpenter Movie?

Most commonly associated with horror and science fiction films from the 1970s and 1980s, "King" Carpenter is a cult classic movie specialist. Dabbling in both studio films and B-movies, John Carpenter, who also scored most of his films, has provided audiences with thrills and scares that have been imitated and referenced to this day. Which of his movies is your favorite? Note: Shorts and TV episode credits are not counted Discuss the list here

Characters Who Just Can't Be Hanged!

All these people are characters who survived a hanging or beat the hangman's noose. Who is your favorite? To discuss the list, click here.

Favourite Synth Soundtrack

Choose your favourite film score that use synthesized sounds. Discuss the list here

Movies That Become Scarier in Black And White

Monochrome possesses an inherently creepy vibe to it; being cast in shadows and darkness, it can be the setting of our deepest fears and nightmares. These films were shot in color but, due to their dark themes and creepy subject matter, may have fared quite well in B&W. Which of these films do you think would make the most interesting transition to black and white? After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

Iconic Movie Themes

These movies have some of the most famous and memorable theme songs of all-time. This list only contains original themes from English language films but does not include musicals and sequels. Which of these films do you think has the greatest main theme? Discuss here.

Rejected movie titles of popular films

Which of these first draft movie titles is better than the actual title of it's film? If none, which would you choose given no other option? Discuss here

Horror Movies Set During Halloween

Which horror movie set during Halloween with at least a 6 rating is your favorite? Discuss Here

Which is the best series comprising only 2 films?

Often times when a film gets a sequel it becomes a full blown franchise. (Often at least a trilogy) But here is the sets of films where they (at least for now) have only gotten one further installment for one reason or another. So this is just to see which duo of films is considered the best. Remember, these are all films that are supposed to bet set in the same continuity. Some of them for instance are being considered to be rebooted and the like. And also remember that you're supposed to take into account your feelings for both films in each set, whether you like one of the films or not. As this is a test of the films' accumulative strength against the other films duos.

Which Recent Remake Will Stand the Test of Time?

Which remake from the last 10 years of a classic has the best chance of standing the test of time like the originals did? (Only including remakes that didn't bomb with audiences or critics and originals more than 25 years old). Discuss here: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/thread/222878420

Which Film Gets You Into the Halloween Mood?

Which Film Gets You Into the Halloween Mood? Discuss here.

The October Characters

The following popular characters (either by first appearance or fictional biography) were born in the month of October, which one do you like most? Discuss HERE

Low Budget Movies That Paid Off Big

Low budgets films allow investors to reap potentially huge returns on their investment. While budget caps vary throughout the world and time, one authoritative definition sets the top end of the limit for movies with a current budget under $2,500,000. On both sides of the camera, many of today's biggest stars first honed their skills on low budget films. These films launched or served as a breakthrough for many in many of their careers. Which one of these wildly successful low budget ($250,000 < $1,500,000) movies* is your favorite? * Movies with a minimum 6.0 IMDb user rating, excludes micro-budget (<$250,000) films and uses just one type of movie income stream (box office) for comparison. Vote in the companion poll: Micro Budget Movies That Paid Off Big Discuss the topic here.

Richard Lynch...A Face You'll Never Forget

Richard Lynch was a superior actor who elevated nearly any movie with his presence. But what set him on a path to cinematic immortality was an accident in Central Park in 1967. He set himself on fire in the middle of an LSD trip. Massive reconstructive surgery followed. This left him with a distinctive scarred appearance, and made him an ideal candidate for being cast as villains in sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and action films. He also became a favorite among cult film fans. His films while polarizing, were entertaining to his loyal followers. Also, most all of his films had an abundance of great leading actors too. All loved working with him. Richard, who passed on June 19, 2012, is gone, but not forgotten. Which one of his many Movie or TV roles on this list is your favorite? After voting, please discuss here.

Best Halloween Movie

Whether it be the iconic slasher villain Michael Myers hunting Laurie Strode or Halloween masks gone horribly wrong, these movie have thrilled movie audiences for four decades! To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Halloween (1978) and the release of the upcoming Halloween (2018), I created this poll for you IMDB users to vote for your favorite entry of the Halloween franchise! Which is your favorite? Discuss here after voting

The Best Horror Movie Remake

Out of these horror movie remakes, which one is your favorite? After voting, you may discuss the poll here. You can also vote for: The Best Comedy Movie Remake

Favorite Malcolm McDowell Character

English actor Malcolm McDowell, born in Leeds, England in 1943, turned 75 years old on 13 June 2018. What's your favorite film character played by Malcolm McDowell? Discuss the list here

Top 20 iconic posters of the 70's ...

No More Sequels Please!

Which of these long-running movie franchises do you wish the filmmakers just let die in peace? Note: Each franchise must have at least four entries Discuss the list here

Most Anticipated or Favorite Annual Holiday

Which annual holiday do you look forward to or like to celebrate the most? * holidays and observances Discuss the topic here.