Poll: Frightening Filmmakers

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Born in 1899

Susannah Mushatt Jones, has died in New York on Thursday May 12th, 2016, at the age of 116, she was known as the world's oldest person. Rest in (a way overdue) Peace, Mrs. Jones. Now, it turns out that the new world's oldest person is an Italian woman named Emma Morano and she is also 116. But there's more about her now as she is the last person born before 1900 ... and she also happens to be of the same birth year as many great movie-related celebrities. So, celebrating the remarkable longevity of these two women, which movie-related celebrity born in 1899 is your personal favorite? Discuss here

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Martin Scorsese with his ninth Oscar directing nomination for his work on The Irishman (2019) moves one step closer to unseating William Wyler as the individual with the most Academy Award for Best Director nominations in Oscars history. Which of these individuals with four or more Oscar-nominations for directing is your favorite? Discuss here.

Directors Guild of America Lifetime Achievement Award

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