Poll: Puff, Puff, Pass

A poll by yrnej

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Siskel, Ebert and the IMDb Poll Board's Potential Theatres' Names

During one of Siskel and Ebert's early Sneak Previews (1975), the two critics asked each other that question: If you owned a movie theater, what would you call it?. Siskel liked the word "Paradise", Ebert went for "The MacGuffin". Asked the same question, each IMDb Poll Board user suggested a potential name, either with an personal connection, a sentimental movie-related value or just because it sounded too good not to be picked. Now, which of these movie theatres, if they really existed, would you be the most interested to go to? Discuss here

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Decade Defining Actors — The 1980s

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How Do You Feel About Superhero Movies?

We live in a time when a superhero movie makes enough money to cover the deficit of half the African continent before you could finish your bowl of Frosties. We live in a time where questioning why there are so many superhero movies released is admitting a total ignorance of the laws of supply and demand. We live in a time where criticizing superhero movies makes anyone sound like a sourpuss; after all, we should be happy that fans are happy, actors are happy, journalists are happy and producers (God bless them!) so happy to see everyone happy! Still, since you know yourself better than anyone, let's just ask a simple question: here's a list of facial expressions, which one comes the closest to the face you make whenever we talk about superhero movies? After voting, you might discuss the list here

What is your favorite movie comedy team

What is your favorite comedy team? They must be in at least four or more short or feature length films together to qualify. The IMDB must list these films as comedies as one of the first two words describing the film. They may have starred in radio or TV series but that does not count. Only film shorts and feature films. They may be known for doing others things separately but as long as the films listed as comedies, they count. Discuss your picks here

The Many Types of Comedy

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Jesus Hairstyle

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If I could talk to the animals, just imagine it...

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