Poll: Which Kind of Actor Would You Be?

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Smartest "Game of Thrones" Character

Whether it's running a kingdom, tactics on the battlefield, outmaneuvering an adversary, playing mind games with family or a simple game of chess; if it requires the use of your wits these "Game of Thrones" characters are both book smart and street smart. Which "Game of Thrones" character would you least like to try to match wits with? SPOILER ALERT: Intended for viewers current through the 2019 season as poll reveals depicted or discussed Game of Thrones (2011) smart characters characters through the end of calendar 2019. Discuss the topic here or Take other GoT polls.

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"Game of Thrones" Actor or Actress With the Brightest Future?

Game of Thrones (2011) actors and actresses dominate the IMDb's StarMeter rankings. As of 19 May 2019, collectively they held twelve of the Top 50 spots and twenty of the top Top 100 spots. Many have already appeared or are slated to appear in major movies or episodic series that will further their careers and legacy. Which "Game of Thrones" actor or actress do you think will go on to have the most successful post-GoT career? Discuss the topic here or Take other GoT polls here.

Mentor as Friend or Teacher

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Most Talented Dual Oscar-Razzie Winner?

The Golden Raspberry Awards, more popularly known as Razzies or Razzie Awards, annually honors cinematic under-achievements in a variety of film categories. While, the Academy Awards, more popularly known as the Oscars, annually honors film excellence in artistic and technical merit categories. The two awards lie at opposite ends of the recognition spectrum for worst and best movie performances in a given year. Which of these dual Oscar and Golden Raspberry winners do you believe to be the most talented of the group? Discuss the topic here.

R.I.P. Sean Connery

The IMDb Poll Board Users are very sad to hear that Sir Sean Connery passed away on 10/31/2020. Our condolences go to his wife and his family. Before going into acting, Connery had many different jobs, such as milkman, lorry driver, laborer, and bodybuilder. At the age of 23 he had the chance to become a professional football player, but decided to join the movie business. For his success as an actor, he was knighted by Queen Elisabeth II on 06/05/2000 as a Knight Bachelor. He wore a traditional Scottish kilt at the ceremony. Most of his characters were sympathetic lead characters, like his signature role as the MI6 secret agent James Bond in the James Bond movies based on the books of Ian Fleming. Sean Connery was versatile and his range was wide: Once he played an environment scientist, another time played a submarine captain, and once a monk. His tremendously strong and charismatic personality impressed and entertained the audiences for decades. Which of his performances would you consider to be his strongest? Tell us here.

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Face-Off: Cersei vs Joffrey vs Ramsay

These characters are among the most hated on Game of Thrones (2011). Who is, in your opinion, the most evil? Discuss here

"Game of Thrones" Characters You Love to Hate

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That's a Record!

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Favorite "Game of Thrones" Lord

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TV's Greatest Secondary Antagonist

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The Most Crafty & Cunning Shakespeare Villain After the 80s

In movies based on Shakespeare's literature, there are mostly abyssmally bad-minded villains driving the plot. Shakespeare had a serious crush on the sense of words, which makes his dramas very unique, even today. From these Shakespearean villains, who is the most nasty? Tell me the bad deeds of your beloved Shakespeare villain here.

Most Entertaining Cameo of Stan Lee in an MCU Movie

When we talk about Marvel comics, Stan Lee's name always comes to our mind. Besides being the writer of comics and creator of numerous Marvel Characters, he is also known as a cameo king and his cameos in MCU movies are the highlights of the show. On 12th November, 2018, Stan Lee died at the age of 95. His contributions to the comic industry and uplifting Marvel Comics will never be forgotten. His greatest goal in life was to entertain people. Out of these cameos of Stan Lee in MCU movies, which one did you find most entertaining? With a heavy heart, you can talk about the departed soul here.

The Oscars: Irish Movie Characters' Pot of Gold?

Which Oscar-winning movie character of Irish descent* is your all-time favorite? * character ethnicity determined by historical fact, story line, character back story or surname assumption Discuss the topic here.

Greatest TV Villains of All Time

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Most Badass ''Game Of Thrones'' Quote

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