Poll: Best Horror Trilogy

A poll by Paok-Kilkis

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Foreign Films Set in Japan

All eyes will be on Tokyo for this year's Summer Olympics, but Japan is a country that has attracted many foreign filmmakers to make movies featuring its culture, its people and its history. Which of these foreign films set in Japan is your favorite? If you are not familiar with them, which one do you want to see the most? Discuss Here Poll by Pencho15

Worst American Remake of a Non-English Movie

Making an American remake of a great foreign language film into an English spoken version usually is a good idea. After all, sharing a great story with as wide an audience as possible makes a lot of sense. However, despite having bigger stars, larger budgets and the full resources of Hollywood behind them, it is often not enough. These adaptations, more often than not, pale in comparison to the masterwork and magic of the original telling. Which of these American remakes* is by comparison the most unworthy of the foreign non-English language original? * IMDb rated 6.9- (as of June 2019) Take the companion poll: Best American Remake Non-English Movie Discuss the topic here.

Most Unnecessary Remake/Reboot or Sequel of 2020

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Bloodless Horror Movies

While it's expected not to see much blood and graphicness from the early Warner classics, gore and graphicness have been associated to the horror-genre ever since the rise of the slasher film in the 70s. Still, many horror films resisted the trend and provided many thrills and jump scares without relying on blood or gory effects. Which of these "bloodless" horror movies of the last 40 years is your favorite? After voting, you might discuss the list here

Unintentionally Funny Movie Taglines

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Worst Movie That Earns an "F" From Audiences?

A "F" from Cinemascore movie audiences is a rare occurrence and indicates a movie strongly disappointed its core audience. Furthermore, "F" scores from opening night theater audiences can be the "kiss of death" for a movie. The score virtually guarantees a short theatrical run and limited box office, by scaring off potential patrons once word circulates about the movie. Since 1999, only about twenty films have received the bottom mark which averages out to just over one movies per year. Cinemascore F Rated Movie List Which select film that scores a rare F Cinemascore with movie theater audiences is the most deserving* of its failing grade? *biggest disappointment or alternatively, the least worth the price of a ticket Take the companion poll: Best Movie That Scores an A+ With Audiences? Discuss the topic here.

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The Best Foreign Language Horror Film

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Enough! No More!

A large majority of Hollywood blockbusters consist of reboots, remakes and sequels. There have been some excellent sequels that have become classics and sometimes are even considered better than the original. However, this is a rare occurrence and audiences often get tired of the same tired formulas that are repeated in every instalment. Which most recent entry of a franchise or could be a potential franchise do you believe should just be left alone even though they are most likely or have already announced a sequel/sequels anyway? Thanks to Bonafide Boss for coming up with the poll title! Discuss here after voting.

The Worst Horror Movie Remakes

There have been way too many awful and unnecessary remakes of horror movies, but the question is, which one butchered the original the most and should be thrown in an eternal dumpster fire? Discuss this poll here

Teacher Appreciation Day: School/Teacher-Related Movie or Series

May 8, 2018 has been designated National Teacher Appreciation Day in the US. As an educator myself, I have chosen the following movies and series, from various genres, featuring teachers and/or school environments. Which of these is your personal favorite? After voting, you may discuss here. Special thanks to Dan Dassow, Jen & Rubyfruit76 for their assistance with and contributions to this list.

Favorite Ghost Story Movie

Which one of these movies about ghost stories is your favorite? After voting, you can discuss here. Thanks to yrnej for choices 29 to 35.

No, Don't Do It!

These things are repeated so often that they're cliche; they also seem to be obviously unwise and yet movies still depict them over and over again. Of these common tropes, which is the dumbest thing a character can do? Yell "don't do it!" here

Directors Remaking Themselves

This is a list of remakes (1,000 votes or more) directed by the same director as the original. Judging by the remakes, who do you feel should've just stuck with the original and not bothered with a remake? Discuss the list here.

Most Frightening Subliminal Suspense Horror Movies

Since quite a time several high quality movies were made, which frighten the audience by subliminal visual elements like shadows on the wall, spine-chilling noises, horrific dream sequences, strange behavior of the characters, or simply silent appearances of deceased people. Which of these movies gave you the most goosebumps and coldest chills? (If you haven't watched any of them, which one are you most interested in?) Discuss here.

The Science of Scare - Scariest Horror Movie?

A few weeks ago, the results of 'The Science of Scare' were released; a top 50 of horror movies based on the average heart rate measured while watching. Regardless of whether the results are well founded or not, which horror movie of their top 25 scared you the most? (Not per se your favorite horror movie overall!) After voting, please discuss here.

Rolling Stone's Greatest Horror Movies of the 21st Century

Here are the top 35 of Rolling Stone's 50 Greatest Horror Movies of the 21st Century. Which scared your pants off? Discuss the list here Note: text quotes are from Rolling Stone's original list.