Poll: They Called Him Mister Poitier.

Sidney Poitier, the actor whom Morgan Freeman referred to as his "own heaven", just passed away... and it's a terrible loss for Cinema. He was one of the first African-American actors to be given truly substantial leading roles, to win an Oscar for one of them, to play characters who were beyond all the archetypes related to his ethnic background. Still, there was more in Poitier's characters, it wasn't just the experience of a Black man confronted to prejudices, but also a man of integrity, who carried his heritage with pride but always willing to prove that it takes more than a pigmentation to define him. Now, every movie lover is aware of the trailblazing symbol that Mr. Poitier incarnated and his sad passing is an opportunity to salute the record of all African-American or minority actresses and actors in Hollywood, for which he was the ultimate inspiration... as well as the epitome of class, charisma and gentleness. One can't ignore the legacy of Poitier, one of the last of AFI's Legends, and through this poll, let's celebrate ten of his most famous movie roles. Which one is your personal favorite? After voting, you might discuss the list here


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