Poll: They Called Him Mister Poitier.

A poll by ElMaruecan82

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To 1967, With Love!

"Hello, darkness, my old friend...", "And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson...", "Look for the bare necessities..." "Springtime for Hitler and Germany..."... so many classic songs have enriched Cinema's heritage and whether for laughs, tears or other heart-pumping effects, they resonated in our cinematic memories across this half of a century. Which of these classic "sounds of 1967" is your favorite? Discuss the list here

Best Opening Songs in Movies

Which of these following movie titles do you think had the best song in their opening? Note: James Bond movies are not included. Discuss here

Of these 25 films about high school life, which is your favorite?

Discuss the list here.

Best U.S. Movie Crime Dramas of the 1950s

The end of the Hollywood Studio System way of making movies was close at hand. But before that would start in full swing in the sixties, those big studios were cranking out new crime dramas weekly in the fifties. Well over 500 were made in the US alone in this period. Many are still loved by fans today. From this list, which one is your favorite? After voting, please discuss here.

IMDb Poll Board Biggest Original Song Oscar Snub

The members of the IMDb Poll Board have chosen their biggest Original Song snub (movies that should have been nominated for Original Song, yet they weren't). Which of these choices do you consider the biggest snub? Discuss the list here!

Best School Dance Scene

Since Steven Spielberg is about to release a remake the film version of the Broadway play, West Side Story (2021), (original film version: West Side Story (1961)), and since the play has a high school dance scene in it, what movie has the best SCHOOL DANCE SCENE in it? Disco style or live band style. It includes proms and homecoming too. The dance floor is here if you got any song you want the band or DJ to play. This poll is inspired by Breumaster’s Poll: Your Favorite Disco Sequence in a Movie. It would be cool to cast a vote in his poll too, if you want to. Can your computer screen handle all this dancing?

Movies That Teachers Should Watch

What is the best educational movie? Discuss the Poll Here

What Year Is It?

Which of these films and shows with a year in the title is your favorite? Discuss here See also: What Month Is It?

Teacher Appreciation Day: School/Teacher-Related Movie or Series

May 8, 2018 has been designated National Teacher Appreciation Day in the US. As an educator myself, I have chosen the following movies and series, from various genres, featuring teachers and/or school environments. Which of these is your personal favorite? After voting, you may discuss here. Special thanks to Dan Dassow, Jen & Rubyfruit76 for their assistance with and contributions to this list.

Title Songs More Famous than the Movie

Sometimes the title song or film score becomes a bigger hit than the movie. Some of these tunes are still in everybody's mind today while the memory to the movie has faded. Which of these movies delivered the most memorable song? Discuss your answer here

Run-Off: The Best Film Titles Part I

Excellent prose sometimes seems to be a dying art. The film industry, at times, does its part to revive it with great screen plays and, every so often, with exquisite titles from various sources, including novels, poems, and songs. The titles below serve as oases in a desert of the vague and recycled stamp-ons like 'Deceived' and 'Shattered.' Enjoy the sound and substance of the words below and, instead of voting for your favorite movie, vote for your favorite title. This is Part I of a Run-Off Poll. Vote in Part II here. Vote in the Run-Off Final here. Discuss here

Most Surprising Oscar Song Snub

These celebrated songs were eligible to be nominated for Oscars, yet they weren't. Which surprises you most? Discuss the list here

Dusting Off '50s Celluloid

These are movies recommended by poll board users. Which of these relatively little-known but highly recommended films, all released during the 1950s, would you most like to see (again or for the first time)? (Where there are comments next to a movie, they were provided by the Poll Board member who nominated the film.) After voting, discuss here. Vote in "Dusting Off '40s Celluloid" here. Vote in "Dusting Off Celluloid (Before 1940)" here.

Signature Songs From the Movies

Which actor's signature song* from a movie is your favorite? After voting, you may discuss the list here (no 'background' song, to be eligible, the song has to be performed at least once in the film by the actor, actress or the acting singer)

Favorite 'youth-defining' film ...

Films centered on rebellious teenagers, young adults questioning the uncertain value of their social future, tormented students hungry for an inspirational message or movies featuring characters that have become true icons for their generation, which of these 'youth-defining' films is your favorite? Discuss at http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/threads/

Sidney Poitier: The Man and His Films

Sidney Poitier, who was born in Miami, Florida, but grew up on Cat Island in The Bahamas, was the first male African American to win the Oscar for Best Actor (as Homer Smith in Lillies of the Field (1963)). He went on to become a director of nine films and producer of three. His early films dealt with race, bigotry, anger, and hatred but he always played those roles as a man of intelligence, dignity and humble pride. In 2002, he received an honorary Oscar “for his extraordinary performances and unique presence on the screen and for representing the industry with dignity, style and intelligence.” If you want to see a list of his awards, honors and nominations, click on the quote. Which one of his films is your favorite? Discuss his work here. P.S. I never knew he did a third film as Virgil Tibbs, “The Organization” (1971). You learn something new everyday.

Teaching Life

There are some movie gems about neglected pupils and their teacher who doesn't give up on the young people. They have several problems to resolve, but see the future people within the little rascals and won't abandon them to leave them to their predictable fate. Please note that the teacher can also be a person who entered a field of different work from her/his educational background. Which of these golden teachers, fictional or real-life person is your favorite? Please report your personal hero here.

Sidney's '67

Celebrated Bahamian-American actor Sidney Poitier recently turned 90 years old. Three of his most lauded and important films were all released in 1967 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, In the Heat of the Night, and To Sir, with Love. These classic films are essential to the turbulent history of the '60s. Which of these three films do you feel is the greatest? Discuss the list here

Advancing the Movie Industry

Like any other industry, the movie industry evolves. And every few years or decades, a technological advancement comes that changes the way we see movies. Listed by the movie that is credited as being the first in the industry, which technological advancement do you treasure the most? This list does not include anything that paved the way for movies to even exist, because I think we all appreciate that we're able to see a movie in the first place. Discuss here: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/thread/225031074

2016 National Film Registry

The Library of Congress has announced 25 new films that will be added to the National Film Registry for their conservation. Which of them do you consider the one with the most historical or aesthetic value? Discuss Here Poll by Pencho 15 Vote in previous National Film Registry polls: 2015 2014 2013 1989