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Iconic Scores of the '70s

Often referred to as the greatest cinematic decade, it won't come as a surprise that the '70s was also a fantastic provider of iconic scores*, many original and a few adaptations of previously existing material. Which of these scores from the '70s would you say is the most iconic? After voting, you may discuss the list here * Oscar nominee Oscar winner (AFI) AFI's Top 25 Scores

Most believable performance as a blind person?

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Sung-Through Films

Which entirely sung film is your favorite? Rules: 1) More than 1000 votes 2) Shall be tagged as "musical" Discuss here

Favorite rock musical?

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International Bartenders Association Cocktails

An IBA official cocktail is one of many cocktails selected by the International Bartenders Association (IBA) for use in the annual World Cocktail Competition (WCC) in bartending. Which is your favorite IBA cocktail... I mean title? Source: Wikipedia — List of International Bartenders Association official cocktails Join the Discussion Here in the IMDb Poll Community Forum

AFI Top 100 Songs That Won an Academy Award

Which one of these songs in the AFI Top 100 Songs that won an Oscar for Best Original Song is your favorite? Discuss Here

Unforgettable Movie Songs

Sometimes a movie song is so powerful and sometimes even more powerful than the movie itself (this poll contains songs from AFI's Top 100 songs). Which song do find hard to forget? Discuss the list here

Movies With Blind Characters

Which of these movies with a blind person is your favorite? Discuss the list here!

Movies That Feel Like Experiences

Experience. Like a key to a new vision of the world or a window to *a* world; whether fictional realms with a unique imagery or poetic realities with an absorbing mood, whether leading to contemplative amazement or driving a captivating story, some movies take the viewers to new dimensions but new dimensions of perceptions, evoking visions, thoughts and feelings rather than tying them to a plot. So, which movie, that fits the description, is the most unforgettable experience? (one per director) After voting, you might discuss the list here

Scariest not-meant-to-be-scary poster...

These posters are not supposed to be scary but when you look at them long enough, some images can get so unsettling that you'd think twice before hanging it in your bedroom. Which of these posters best fits this description? Discuss here

Villainous Franks

Which of these villain-protagonists or (main or secondary) antagonists named Frank is your favorite? (no Frankies allowed) After voting, have a frank discussion here

Every Tom Dick and Harry Character

Toms, Thomases, Dicks, Richards, Ricks, Rickys, Harolds, and Harrys are everywhere! Almost that is! While they all aren't here, these are the most popular. There are so many good ones on this list, that you'll have a hard time choosing! So who is your favorite character named, Tom, Dick, or Harry? After voting, please discuss here.

Favorite Jack Nicholson Character

Who is your favorite character that Jack Nicholson has portrayed? Discuss the list here!

Best Soundtracks of the 70s

Which movie released in the 1970s has the best soundtrack? Discuss here

Video Games Frenzy

Which movie/episode/documentary regarding the topic video games/arcades/pinball machines is your favorite? (chronological order) Discuss Here in the IMDb Community Forums

Favorite Jack Nicholson Film From Before 1980

Of the listed films, which is your favorite film of Jack Nicholson's from before 1980? Discuss this Poll here

You and Your Big Mouth!

Here is a list of movie posters or DVD covers that highlight a character's mouth--either focusing on it, or having something in it, or something covering it. Which of these posters uses "their mouth" most creatively? Discuss here

When Evil is Relative

You don't choose your family... no family is perfect... fair enough. Movies have taught us that one can be flawed, bad or downright evil but still be good with the family. However, there are cases where the harm was directed toward the family and that's harder to forgive. These villains or main antagonists all harmed one or many relatives (by blood, marriage or adoption) during the film, some did far worse. We're not discussing their popularity (winners would be too obvious) but their level of hatefulness. Simply put, which evil relative was the worst? After voting, you might discuss the list here

Queens, But Not Exactly Royalty

In the movies and in fictional literature, the title or word “Queen” has been used in a variety of ways as parts of songs, fictional titles, people outside of royalty, places, bands, and some things not human. We may even use the names of real historical Queens as long as they are long dead. (Let’s leave the name of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd out of this - she might get offended at being included in this group.) Which TYPE of queen is your favorite? If you have a name of a movie queen to suggest, you can have her shout “Off with her head” here. Yeah, that is a reference to a classic line from one of these characters. Just remember to have fun with this and DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY.

Memorable Soundtracks from OK Movies

While not all these movies are really that bad, their soundtracks are superior to the movies themselves. If not, these films are best remembered for their soundtracks. To be considered just "OK" here, the movie at least has less than 6.9 ratings. Which of these bad movies have the best soundtrack? Discuss Here