Poll: 1962 : The Year of the Oscar Booze

In What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962), Bette Davis drowned the loss of her stardom in an alcoholic ocean, prematurely ravaging her face until becoming the shadow of herself, a lost beauty symbolized by that ugly doll with a broken face or wasn't she already ugly inside? In Days of Wine and Roses (1962), Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick formed a couple whose sorry originality was their need for each other to shamelessly express the dependence inhabiting their lives. The perversity is that they ended up only loving themselves as drunkards not as a couple, but as a "threesome". Finally, in Sweet Bird of Youth (1962), haunted by her youth's volatility, Geraldine Page portrays a has-been diva who like Bette Davis, conveys a constantly bitter nostalgia for her lost glory but not without the same delicate fragility as Lee Remick. So I guess you got it: 1962 was quite a year for alcoholic roles, each one showing this addiction as either a sordid cause or a futile remedy, but whose effect is to have spoken a thousand words about human insecurity and complexity, and enriched Hollywood's canon with unforgettable performances. So, which of these Oscar-nominated portrayals of addiction from 1962 was your favorite? After voting, you might discuss the list here