Poll: A Less "Over the Top" Original Captain Kirk (Alternate Casting)

A poll by jalapenoman

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Good for you. You got out of the Old West and managed to escape the Modern West. Along the way you were able to get more duct tape and replace the broken parts of your time machine. Unfortunately, once again, it broke down as soon as you tried to use it. Now you're stuck in the chaotic plague-ridden world of Medieval Europe. If you're going to have any chance of survival you're going to need to find some allies fast, so who do you want watching your back now? Choose wisely, my friend. Your very life may depend on it. This is a sequel to my polls You're Stuck in the Old West and You're Stuck in the Modern West. You can discuss the poll here.

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Which actor would you like as your quiz show partner?

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Actress Autobiographies

A lot of famous people like to reveal more about their personal lives and themselves by writing an autobiography. These 35 actresses have written some of the most popular autobiographies available. Which of these actresses would you most like to read more about? -or- If you have read any of these, which was your favorite? Discuss here

Sophia and Sidney or The Last Living AFI Legends

With the recent passing of Kirk Douglas, there are only two living actors who were listed in each of the two AFI's Top 25 Legends (male & female). These actors are Sidney Poitier and Sophia Loren. With our best long life wishes for both legends, here's one simple question: which one is your favorite actor? After voting, you might discuss the list here

SAG Lifetime Achievement Awards, since 2000

The Lifetime Achievement Award has been presented most years since 1962 by the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG). Which recipient since 2000 is your favorite performer? Discuss here: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/flat/253238759 Please also look for SAG lists on the 60's-70's, the 80's-90's, and the omissions list.

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Never Been Cast: Working With Woody Allen

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There Will Always Be One And Only One...

Being the main protagonists of quite enduring franchises, these characters have been played by many actors (at least, more than two), but there's generally one version that strikes as the most iconic, the one-and-only, the ultimate one. So, it may be a little subjective and some options are more undeniable than others, but if you had to voice your personal sentiment: as far as you're concerned, there will always be one and only one... After voting, you may discuss the list here

Longest Career by a Popular Actor

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Alter Ego's and A.K.A's

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Betty White vs. Cloris Leachman

Cloris Leachman and Betty White have many things in common and not just generation-wise: these two enduring, endearing and awesome TV "old" ladies have collected multiple Emmy nominations and awards. Both were awarded for their performances in The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970), then Betty White as one of America's The Golden Girls (1985) Rose Nylund and Cloris Leachman as the unscrupulous and embittered Ida in Malcolm in the Middle (2000) (where White actually starred in one episode as Ida's rival)... so speaking of Rose and Ida, they couldn't have been more different. White is America's sweetheart and the eternal figure of the loving granny while 'Frau Blücher' is less archetypal and extended the eccentricity of her characters even in real-life where she set a new record in Dancing with the Stars (2005). White won the hearts and Leachman the Oscar. Extending their rivalry from that episode of Malcolm in the Middle (2000), the last show that reunited them, let's ask the question:Which of these two awesome old ladies, is your favorite? After voting, you might discuss the list here

Waxing Nostalgic: With whom did you grow up?

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What Did Your Dad Do?

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California Hall of Famers.

The inductee list of the California Hall of Fame for 2016 has just been announced. The Hall of Fame, conceived by then-First Lady Maria Shriver, honors individuals and groups who embody California's innovative spirit while also making a lasting, significant contribution to the state, the nation and the world, as well as inspiring others to further their own dreams. The hall and its exhibits are located in The California Museum in Sacramento. Which of these movie- and TV-related members of the hall do you feel most deserves their inclusion? Discuss the list here

What's your age again?

Which of the actual ages of these actors shocks you the most, because they either look far younger or far older than their actual age? Discuss the list here

Rude Awakenings

Some of these characters fell into a coma, some went into suspended animation, some just took a nap (accidental or deliberate) They all had a RUDE AWAKENING...Which one from this list is your favorite? WARNING: Possible Spoilers Discuss here

Who Said Women Aren't Funny?

Actually it was Jerry Lewis, most famously perhaps, but he was just one among others. Which of these women most disproves the assertion that "women aren't funny?" Vote in part two here. After voting, discuss here.

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The Television Hall of Fame is "a way to honour individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to U.S. television". Which one of these inductees is your favorite? Discuss Here in the IMDb Community Forums Hall of Fame Website Part 1