Poll: Black History Month-The Forgotten Cinema

Once upon a time, shamefully in the not-too-distant past, African-Americans were barred from many of the movie theatres(12,000 to 19,000 depending on the years) in America circa the silent-film-era inro the 1950s. And, if not barred, still faced seating in segregated sections (parts of the balcony) or attending on designated "Negro Nights." To offset that, most cities of 25,000 or more had Negro Theatres in their other-side-of-the- tracks area. That also inspired the making of *race movies* or all-black-cast films. A large percentage oif those were produced by black-owned companies such as Oscar Micheaux Productions or The Normandy Film Mfg.Company, but even more came from white-owned Poverty Row companies. Many of the all-black films featured the same stereotyped-racist roles as those that black performers were relegated to in the main-stream films from Hollywood. But they also provided the African-American community to see black actors perform roles other than Mammies and Feet-do-your-stuff. This is a list of all-black-cast films (there were hundreds of those) made specifically for "Black" theatres. Assuming that only a small percentage have ever seen even one of these films... Discuss poll here. Which film, based on plot and cast, would you put on your like-to-see list?


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