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Which is your favorite actor with unusual eyes?

Call This Guy's Agent

Character actors who could be depended upon to play the character in a film that was a tad bit off-center, or was playing with a deck that was a card short or had a joker in it. Discuss the poll here. If you were a casting director, whose agent would you call first.

Favorite Villain Quote

Which is your favorite quote from a villain? Discuss the list here

For Pete's Sake! (Part 1 - Non-fictional)

For Pete's sake, there are a ton of icons with the aforementioned name - Peter, Pete or something derived from that family. There are famous sports icons, cinematic legends, TV stars, musicians, you name it! Which of these real life icons named Peter/Pete comes to mind first when you hear the 5 letter name or, perhaps, which of them is your personal favorite? For Pete's sake, let's just discuss this here. Also vote for: For Pete's Sake! (Part 2 - Fictional)

The Master of Horror

When you think of the horror genre which actor or actress immediately comes to mind? Discuss Here

MORE Powerful Movie Scenes With Minimal Dialogue

As Norma Desmond once said, "We didn't need dialogue. We had faces." Though she may have meant this in a different context, we understood the subtext - sometimes, the most powerful moments in a film can be conceived without any dialogue at all. We often associate powerful movie scenes with some intense action or an intense exchange of words. However, these scenes had little to no dialogue and still resonated with us for being as iconic as they were silent. By the end, you may have felt emotionally drained or inexplicably moved, but the catch is that such was achieved without the primary usage of dialogue. So which of these powerful movie scenes, that had little to no dialogue, resonated with you the most? (Please note: TV shows, silent movies or scenes that are montages, like the introduction to Up (2009), though beloved by many, will be excluded from this list.) After voting, SPOILER: you may convey your thoughts here. Also vote for: Powerful Movie Scenes With Minimal Dialogue

Favorite Austro-German Actor

Discussion thread Who is your favorite Austrian or German actor?

We'll Always Have Bogie.

Of all the screen legends in all Hollywood, no one could deliver a line like Humphrey Bogart. He was good, very good... the stuff cinematic nostalgia is made of. Commemorating the 60th anniversary of his death (January 14), which of these classic quotes said by or to "Bogie" is your personal favorite? You know what to do after the vote, don't you, Steve? You just put the cursor on "here" and click!

Greatest Pre-1980's Movie Villains

Which of these pre-1980's live action movie characters do you think can be considered as the "Greatest Pre-1980's Movie Villain"? After voting, you may discuss the poll here. Also vote for: Greatest Post-1980's Movie Villains | Greatest Pre-1980's Movie Heroes | Greatest Post-1980's Movie Heroes | Greatest Movie Anti-Heroes of All Time | Greatest TV Heroes of All Time | Greatest TV Villains of All Time | Greatest TV Anti-Heroes of All Time

Film Noir Actors and Actresses

When you hear the genre Film Noir which actor /actress comes to mind? http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/thread/242747085

Decade Defining Actors — The 1940s

Which of these decade defining actors of the 1940s do you believe to be the most influential? 1930s <<< Vote Other Decades >>> 1950s After voting, you may discuss the poll here. Also vote on: Most Influential Decade Defining Actor

The Strangest Actor Known for Playing Strange Roles

Many actors have played odd, unusual, or disturbed characters, but some seem to excel at it, and have gained a reputation for it. Here are some actors who have often played very unusual characters, who range from eccentric to downright insane. Which one comes across as the strangest to you? Discuss the list here

"Quote it, Sam. Quote 'Casablanca'." (75th Anniversary)

Or should I say "We'll always have 'Casablanca (1942)'", there were so many beginnings of a beautiful introduction paying tribute to the most quotable movie of all-time. And to call it 'quotable' is an understatement. Indeed, when it comes to legendary screenplays, the film is certainly among the usual suspects, still holding the record of the most represented movie in the American Film Institute's Top 100 Quotes with six entries and four of featured in the last ten minutes, perhaps the most parodied and "known-before-actually-watching-the-film" moment. So, celebrating the three-quarter century of the legendary classic, which of these Casablanca quotes is your favorite? After voting, discuss the list here, Sam.

Classic Actors in Modern Movies

James Dean has reportedly been posthumously cast in an upcoming Vietnam War film. Let's make our own imaginary casting choices. Which classic actor would you cast in a modern film or franchise? Discuss here or add your own casting

Who are you? (TV version)

Which of these TV characters gives the most memorable response to that question? You may discuss the poll here. See also: Who are you? (Movie version)

Classic Film-Noir Villains

In a genre where even the good guys are somewhat ambiguous, the villains are likely to be more than just "morally corrupted". Creepy, eccentric, charismatic, dark or mysterious, these classic film-noir villains were certainly among the main ingredients that gave their movies this taste of cinematic immortality. Which of these classic film-noir villains is your favorite? Discuss here (to stay on the "noir" mood, no color or neo-Noir movies included)

Titans of Terror Tournament

Which of these classic horror actors, which were brought together by the Angry Video Game Nerd in a "Titans of Terror Tournament", is your favorite? Discuss here: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/nest/233820143

IMDb Users Favorite Character Actor

A character actor is a supporting actor who plays unusual, interesting, or eccentric characters. The term, often contrasted with that of leading actor, is somewhat abstract and open to interpretation. In a literal sense, all actors can be considered character actors since they all play "characters", but in the usual sense it is an actor who plays a distinctive and important supporting role. Which is your favorite? Discuss Here

Most villainous actor?

These actors often play despicable villains. Who does the best job of it? Discuss the list here

Favorite Frequent Acting Collaborations

There are many actors whose best work comes from the collaboration with a fellow actor, one usually of similar demeanor and personality. They bring out the best in one another, and we can never get enough of them together. So from the list below, which of these frequent acting collaborations, or 'duos', would you say is your all-time favorite? Note: I will be excluding comedic duos, like Abbott & Costello, trying to focus solely on recurring acting collaborations. Also, in order to qualify, at least 3 films must be shared between the actors. After voting, you may discuss the poll here.