• Laurel and Hardy are going to their job at a saw mill that manufactures window frames. However confusion over a stuck window frame and a break down of safe working procedures leads Hardy to become more involved in the manufacturing process than he would have hoped to be.

    For those who write scenarios for Laurel and Hardy to do their routine within, a factory surely must have not been that hard to think of! In terms of all the stuff that could go wrong it is a real gold mine. This short doesn't use that potential as well as it could, spending a lot of time on a static sequence with a window frame and Hardy's fingers. However the high point is where Hardy falls into machinery.

    My job involves working with environmental legislation and I was as interested in the factory as I was in the humour! I was in wonder at the way the waste was simply sprayed out of a vent onto a hard standing area. Besides this I was also in awe of the stock footage of men using unguarded saws and pushing bits of wood around blades with it mere inches from their faces! How times have changed for the better.

    Aside from this professional distraction the film was pretty funny but best once it got more adventurous towards the end. Laurel and Hardy are as good as ever with Hardy taking the brunt of the punishment and thus getting the majority of the laughs.

    Overall more could have been made of the factory setting as it only really gets imaginative in the final few sequences. Aside from that this served me as a curiosity piece about how manufacturing used to be carried out.