• When originally released it was described as hideous, guilty of gore and down right vulgar with its presentation of torture. This is a full fledged classic horror flick. The torturous intent still makes this movie scary. And I absolutely love the obligatory thunder and lightning storm. It makes for a true creepy atmosphere. Two major stars that had a legendary loathing of each other; all the part of right ingredients for pleasurable schlock shock.

    Bela Lugosi is Dr. Richard Vollin, who is a notable plastic surgeon that is obsessed with Edgar Allen Poe and loves building torture devices. Boris Karloff plays a criminal that comes to Dr. Vollin for a change of appearance. Vollin disfigures him in order to blackmail him into helping torture another doctor.

    This is arguably Lugosi's greatest performance. He steals the movie from Karloff, who always seems to get top billing and the higher salary. Also in the cast are Irene Ware, Samuel S. Hinds and Lester Matthews. Hot buttered popcorn and a big mug of cocoa will ease the chills.