• Goofball radio show musical transposed onto the screen intact with twisted grin loudmouth band leader Kay Kyser and his gang of musical misfits. It starts on a world tour in what is supposed to be (a tin shed) in Australia. Well roodle-e-doo if we don't get a great swing number straight off! From there it is a whirlwind tour of the allies all over the planet, including China. Kyser is as obnoxious as he is funny, clearly a candidate for what we all now know is attention deficit syndrome. Marcie does her bug eyed swing stuff like she did in HIGHER AND HIGHER and Joan.. er... Davis is doing Eve Arden via Mary Wickes. It is quite funny but the music is the standout, as it should be in a wartime morale booster. Am I also the only one besides the Farrelly Brothers who has spotted the "dumb and dumber" look of Ish kabibble?..of course the other way around........hmmmmmmmmmm.